To Partner or Not

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by carolinaborn82, Feb 17, 2009.

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    How about family partnerships, father / son or brothers?
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    Did you confront him on this issue? you stated you were friends before what type of person was he as a friend that would lead you not to trust him in business? just curious...
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    its tuff, it will probably help out alot in teh begining but hurt you dont the road. try and do it together until you get off your feet and figure out a way divid new accounts and equiptment so if you part you already know whose is what. did i make sense? long term though, bad idea
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    I trusted him, I don't think he trusted me. We had a great fall, I mean we made some good money, but in a way I kind of felt like he was trying to push me out the door. There were things like when my daughter had a birthday party I invited him and he was like can't go we gotta work. So I worked just so I didn't piss him off. Then I had a free trip to for a week, but didn't go because he wanted to work. We ran 2 crews, my crew did most the work and completed everything that was on our load. I would pick my guys up and get some breakfast. Well I guess he had somebody following me cause he confronted me about eating breakfast. He said we needed to eat before we started working, and I can understand some what. But we only stopped in for a quick bisquit. One of my guys went to work for his crew and last 2 weeks before quiting. I later called him to find out what happend and he said the guy was just not good to work with. He wouldn't go into detail. He also bought some equipment without asking me, and that rub me the wrong way. I mean it sucks, cause I thought it would of worked out, but it didn't so I'm doing my thing and he is doing his thing. I wish him well, and valued our friendship, but I don't think we'll be talking anytime soon.
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    Sounds like you had different ideas on how to run a business, not all partnerships are like yours.. I have had a couple and both went great than again we were very much alike and new what to expect from eachother...

    Sorry you lost your friend over business..

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