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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MGMII, Oct 2, 2003.

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    Hello everyone. First time on this site and I'm looking for some veteran opionions. I currently work for a lawn care company in Michigan that's owned by my uncle. I've worked here for 5 years. Recently I have decided to look into purchasing the company from him. Included in this deal would be:
    2001 F-350
    4 Trailers
    3 Bunton 60" riders
    1 40"? Walkbehind
    6+ Trimmers
    6+ Backpack Blowers
    4 Edgers
    Hedge Trimmers, lots of shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows etc..
    Pretty much everything needed to run a successful lawn service and minor landscaping company
    And 80+ Lawn Accounts that total about $2200 billing per week.

    My question is "how much is all of this worth approximately- 25,000 50,000 75,000? And how would you come up with figure. And any opinions on whether its even a good idea to buy this way or not?"

    Any comment, suggestion, or opinion is greatly appreciated and thank you very much in advance. :)
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    do you mean that he makes $2,200 per week from the accounts, so only $8,800 a month? Something isn't right there. With that many accounts and equipment only $8,800 a month? Also, how come only one truck with all those trailers? I would go back and get the right figures from him.
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    Yes, he only makes 2200 per week from lawn service only. Any extra work, shrub trimming, mulching, landscaping is all extra on top of that. So yeah, only 2200 per week. On average, is this a low number?
    Also, he has two trucks, but I only want one of them because I already have one myself.
    And we have so much equipment because he just likes to spend a lot of money and buy new equipment I guess.
    Thank You.

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