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To rebuild or not


LawnSite Member
Is there a way to tell if a motor is able to be rebuilt before tearing it apart? I have a 22hp kohler on an exmark and it is using a lot of oil and smoking bad. It got down to no oil on the dipstick. Is there anyway to tell before I pay someone to tear into it and then they tell me it is no good and I still owe them money?


LawnSite Member
If you have a leakdown tester you can get a good idea what shape the engine is in. Even it you have to take it to a shop, they can get a good idea withthe test without completely tearing the engine apart. Shouldn't take more than 10-15 min to do the test.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Midland, Texas
I'd pull the heads off and look at the condition of the cylinders. If they aren't scored, then your low oil level probably didn't harm anything. In that case, rebuilding would be more worthwhile. If there is a lot of heavy scoring, it will cost more, and may be indicative of damage due to lack of lubrication.