To side bag or not?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LCME, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. LCME

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    I would like to prepare for fall clean-ups. I only have a few customers that will want this service. I was thinking of purchasing a side bagger for my WB TT HP 48. I think it's a 2 bushel size from the dealer. Cost $250. My largest lot size is about 2/3 ac. Are the side baggers worth the money?. I'm thinking of mowing once to chop the leaves. Then, go over them with the side bagger. What is the best way to handle fall clean up if you only have a few customers? I do have a 16 ft trailer. But, I would have to attach siding on it to hold the leaves in. Or, should I invest in some other equipment. I'm looking for suggestions to handle fall clean-up. Thanks in advance.
  2. hulan2

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    I bought a mulch kit and Gator glades last year for my rider. That was the best investment for fall (other than the redmax 7000) I could have made. The big advantage to the mulching is you do not have to worry about getting rid of the debris.
  3. LCME

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    I was at the dealer today. Was looking at the side bagger -vs- the Redmax 7000. I left without either. But, I think getting the Redmax 7000 and mulch kit with gators will be the way to go. Thanks for the tip hulan2.
  4. PrecisionLawnsInc

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    I have the redmax 7001 and love it but remember the 8000 just came out, so keep that in mind. Your blower can never move too much air.

  5. tiedeman

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    buy the side bag, you never know when you will need it
  6. LCME

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    When I go to the lawn dealer. I look through the window like it's Christmas. I want, I want and want. But, I only have about $500 to spend on equipment for the fall clean-ups. Wish I had more but for now $$$ is tight. I should be ready to get more stuff next spring/summer. If you only had a mower, trimmer, hand blower. What would you spend $500 on for lawn equipment to do clean-ups?. Mulch kit, gator blades, redmax, side bagger, etc. Thanks in advance.
  7. LCME

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    Local dealer price for mulch kit is $145 for a TT HP48. What mulching blades do you recommend. Excalibur, Gators, etc. ?.
  8. LCME

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    Has anyone used or have an opinion on the Trac Vac for WB's. I look at the set-up on the internet . Is this a good system and worth the money for fall clean-ups?. I'm estimating 6-8 lawns 1ac or less to clean-up. Or, BP blowers, tarps, mulch kit, side bagger, etc. I have approx. $500 to invest. Thanks in advance. LCME
  9. lqmustang

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    With $500 to spend, I would go with with the bagger for your w/b. Spend some of the rest to put a box on your truck. I used this method last season, and it worked well for me. Mulching may work fine while the leaves are still light, but when they start falling hard there is just too much to be able to mulch them up and still keep a good looking yard. Ever try to mulch 6" of oak leaves back into the turf? :eek: Next season when you have more cash to spend you can improve your methods based on your needs.

    That Trac Vac for the w/b looks interesting, I'd like to hear from anyone that has used it also.
  10. LCME

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    OK, I think I may have a system now. Thanks for the inputs.

    Use the mulch kit while leaves are still light. When leaves start falling hard go to the side bagger. Dump the leaves on my trailer with walls or just stuff them in bags.

    Question: Once I start using the side bagger. Do I change blades back to original and/or just remove baffles?.

    Thanks in advance, LCME

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