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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by tdoeizreal, Sep 30, 2018.

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    I purchased a Duel Aer 2475 this spring and I loved how easy it was to maneuver. I think it is the most well-built aerator I have ever owned. I did have some issues with the unit. David, the owner of Stinger, went to considerable effort to make sure I had a well functioning unit for the fall aeration season. I think their customer service is amazing and I will definitely be watching what else Stinger comes out with.
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    I run the dual aer WB aerator and am loving it. Makes me actually want to get out and aerate lawns. I kept my XT5 thinking I'd need it for tiny lawns. Now I think I'll sell it. intro to an Applicator at GIE?? That's the one I'd like to see.
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    We have been asked to not show it yet. It is going to feature and new engine that we have been selected to field test. The company who makes it doesn’t want engineers and other companies climbing all over it at GIE.

    If you have ever been in our booth at’s just that....people crawling all over taking pictures of what’s new!
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    I think we can start showing it in Nov....I’ll know for sure next week.

    It will be the most powerful, smoothest running and most durable compact applicator ever released.

    I can’t wait to show it off.
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    Articulating platform?
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    When will it be available? Pre-order?
  8. Stinger Equipment

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    Probably Jan 1st we will start taking pre-orders.

    Availability April / May. It’s still a little early for a production date.
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    David when will the other two models your making for applicators debut. I am in the market for a zmax type of machine. Capacity is what I need.
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    If you want a big one next year we wont have one till late 2019.

    We will have the small early in the year.
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