to tall for 2014 61" scag v ride?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by hillbilly1188, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Ok well. Im 6'5" and 265.
    I once upon a Time Worked for Dane Scag during the development years of the Super Surfer (everyone needs a winter job right?)

    The super surfer was the upgrade from the surfer (which you don't see many of..the super was so much better) and it had a better stance deck and a wider foot print (not to mention larger wheel pumps)

    Until recently, the super surfer was the only stand on unit that had a sizable stance platform.
    Wrights was quite a bit shorter (part of the over all design to fit more on a trailer) and more cramped in the hips.
    (I used to play around with Jim Velke from time to time as he tried rolling the standers off hills…. he's very tall as well, but much thinner…I think he's 6'3" but might be a little bit taller)

    So basically…both the super surfer and the wright stander were developed using 'test dummies' that are pretty tall.

    I don't feel the same way about the exmark.

    The Vride… only one I tested was a 36" unit and it was fast and tight…good machine… but I did have to stoop…. with the super surfer, you could just spread your feet out farther and get a little lower… at least on the 36" V ride… there wasn't enough room to do this.

    my 2c
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    He is actually more correct. Kawasaki is labeling the engines the actual hp. Most companies are label the torque and the hp is 2-3 lower. Also, 27 hp will be plenty fine. All of the mowers from 5-8 years ago only came with the kawi 23 or 25 which was actually 21-23hp with 61 inch decks and they did perfectly fine so more hp is more marketing and over kill plus use quite about more fuel.
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  3. hillbilly1188

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    well he mite be right about older ones but they offer for that year a 921fx 31hp kaw like i looked at used but had more hrs . thanks ashgrove i didnt know if it would be enough hp. but i cant stand someone saying it was just like the used one he had but it wasnt. that was cox tractor. but scag dealer in gray has the best price and best shop around me.. i think im going to get the vride for me. just using it to mow my yard and my dads he getting where he cant. i probaly wouldnt put 50 to 70hrs a year one if that.. hoping to get the best to lats me 15yrs. so for just to mow them two yards cant see buying a new cheetah... i can handle the price of the vride. and dont want a home owner ztr
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    do not get a scag, exmark or toro stander. they suck. Wright is the best way to go hands down. I'm 6'-3", #285 and no problems. When i demoed the others, front tires started to lift a little of the ground. Couldn't go up hills because of spinning tires that the Wright yawns at. The location of where and how high you stand is why the Wright is supreme. If you buy anything else you will have waisted your money.
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    Waste of money lol
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    Greetings everyone! I have a v ride and have used it out in the field commercially for the last three years I have had very few problems with it mainly just a couple flat tires and the muffler came loose one time I am 6'4 230 pounds and I have no problems with comfort on the V ride it is much more comfortable than sitting down on the Toro zeros that I have although the Toros are very reliable and do a good job the stand up seems to be more comfortable for me
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    The 31 Kawasaki it's a amazing mower the cut quality is 2nd to none and man is it fast. That price is really good.
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  8. hillbilly1188

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    Thanks everyone for your help my new toy got here yesterday rode it around some but the grass isnt growing yet and it fit me perfect the foot plate had plenty of spring left to bounce even with my big a$$ on there. fast and rides great.... got the 25 kaw 61inch vride for $6794 while the fleet pricing was still on heck ya. now just cant wait to see what the cut looks like when the grass starts to grow. very satisfied. about pissed my pants when i unloaded it off my flat bed trailer because we put used oil on the trailer boards to help when sliding the 4wheelers sideways to haul more so when i started to go down the ramps the trailer was wet and it took off slideing on me but made it down fine.

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