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  1. S&MLL

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    What is your rate of new leads that come in solely off website. Google searches and the such.

    My website is so bad i finally took it down and have it go to my facebook page. But i am in process of having it redone. For the past 3 years we have been running off past clients and referrals. I just feel im missing out on a lot of cookie cutter 14-30 fixture installs.

    Whats everyones thoughts?
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  2. GreenI.A.

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    I have to spend more time on optimizing my site for searches. Where I get the most leads from with my site is people who see my trucks and trailers, which all have my website clearly seen from a distance. I have a couple simple easy to remember domain names linked to specific pages of my site. Phone numbers are hard to remember but short simple websites are easy to remember.
  3. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    With our previous/first website I never really used it to attract new business as it was not possible (back then) to geographically target traffic to the site from search engines and SEO (search engine optimization) was hardly a science. I simply used the website as a referral tool and would direct cold callers and tire kickers there to see the type and scope of our work.

    Times have changed! The new site I just published; makes use of enhanced links & social media plug-ins, and is designed to be more search engine friendly. The site has just been turned over to a SEO agency and they will be working their magic next week and ongoing on a quarterly basis.

    I came to the realization I had to update the website last year when I learned that I missed out on a couple of projects where the clients were new to the area and simply used google to find their lighting guy. Because we were not optimized or concerned with search engine placement, INTEGRA simply did not show up when the clients used generic searches such as "Muskoka Landscape Lighting".

    One job lost is reason enough to spend the $ on a quality site and SEO.
  4. GreenI.A.

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    Integra - who are you using for SEO
  5. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I have a local business handling this for me. Small, responsive, and offering good value for money spent.
  6. The Lighting Geek

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    I used Market Hardware to design and provide my SEO options. I have been very pleased with the results, however i'm not done.. I get most of my leads from truck signage, color ads and word of mouth. Google is definitely increasing my leads.

    You must build your site with SEO in mind, ie: no flash on your landing page.

    My website is only one of 7 point approach
    1. website
    2. TV shows
    3. Signage
    4. Print ads
    5. Bad ass uniforms
    6. Home Shows
    7. Reputation/word of mouth

    You know you are doing it right when you get referrals from people who never used your services.
  7. David Gretzmier

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    while we have closed a bit of work from our website for both Christmas lights and Landscape lights, and I would say nearly all are quality leads, we still get more of our leads and jobs from referrals, yellow pages, truck graphics, yard signage, and postcards.

    I really see similar close ratios with all except referrals, which close about 20% higher.
  8. JimLewis

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    We do all phases of landscaping, lighting included. So my initial comments will be in regards to how our website performs in general. And then I'll have some comments on how the lighting page on our site performs.

    First of all, IMO there are really three things that you have to have in order to have really great success with web marketing. 1) A great looking website. As good or better than your top local competitors. 2) It needs to pop up at or near the top in search results for key terms people are searching for. 3) You need to have a good, easy to use photo gallery with great photos of your work.

    Our website is fully optimized for most of the terms I am after. I track 120 different terms. I have them broken down into categories. For instance, for terms related to landscaping I constantly check how I rank for search terms like "Landscaping Portland Oregon", "Landscaping Company Portland Oregon", "Landscape Services Portland Oregon" and about 25 other terms like that. And the main home page is optimized for those terms. Our site is #1 on Google and Yahoo/Bing for most of those terms. I also track specific terms related to design. And the search results point the reader to the page on my site that is all about landscape design, because I've optimized that page for those terms. We rank #1 or very close for all of those terms too. I do this for every category of what we sell. Same thing for pavers. If someone searches for "Paver Patios Portland Oregon" or the like, we're ranked #1 or very close to it for a whole host of those terms - and Google points the reader to my page about paver patios.

    I've worked hard on our website over the years to make it one of the best ones in our area. So when someone does click through to the site, they are impressed and want to stick around and check out the site. It works really well. We get tons of calls from our website most days, except in the winter, when we only get a couple each day. It's the main reason our company has doubled in size over the last two years.

    Now on lighting, I've done the same thing. Although I haven't focused on lighting quite as much as I have the other pages. I've still dialed it in fairly well. We come up #1 or #2 for terms like "Outdoor Lighting Portland Oregon" or "Landscape Lighting Portland Oregon" and similar terms. And our lighting business has grown substantially over the last 2 years as a result. Last year, it was the area we grew the most in. We saw a 60% increase in sales of lighting. And we've optimized the site so that when someone does a search like that, Google points them to our lighting page, not the home page.

    I've also worked hard on getting better photos of our lighting jobs and pointing people who land on our page to our lighting photo gallery. Although I admit that I haven't been able to get photos of 70% of the lighting jobs we have done and also haven't been able to really get the picture-perfect photos I've wanted to get. But I'm trying hard. Getting better at that every year.

    If you get it dialed in like this, you'd definitely see a big increase in lighting sales. Whether you do just lighting or do all sorts of landscaping like we do, it doesn't matter. The point is to get your page or site on lighting looking as professional as you can and then working on getting it to the top of search engine results for terms that people would be searching for. I guarantee you if you can figure out how to do that, you'd be shocked at how much more lighting business you'd get.

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