to those that have belt drive pro-steer gavelys

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by snapper, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Help my understand a few things. First the bar that moves forward and back that the levers rest against, what exactly is its purpose besides the parking brake? I read sumthin about how hard the belts grab? And secondly, when the levers return to neutral, does it apply the brakes some? If so how much should they apply? And i am guessing pulling back on the levers pushes harder on the brakes? And then on the adjustment side of things, where the rod attaches to the clevis that attaches to the belt idler, i noticed the rod was about flush to the bottom of the cleveis if not inside it slightly. This didnt look like it would give much room for adjustment. Is this the way they are all set? And if so, is there enough threads in ther cleveis to adjust when the belt stretches? Sorry for all the queastions, just trying to get an understanding of how this works...

    later chris
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    I have a 44" pro steer and like it a lot. There seems to be plenty of threads on that side bar. I only tweeked it about 5 times last year and plenty left to go.
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    In the neutral position, the brakes should be off, or just barely engaged. This is something the customer can adjust to his personal preference. Pulling the levers back, hard, will fully engange the brake band and stop the wheel/wheels.
    The bar, can be pulled back to act as a "stop" for the prosteer handles, sort of giving you a cruise control. It does affect belt tension, so the further forward the Prosteer levers can go, the more the belts grip, and the faster the machine goes. I like to have the machine adjusted out and the bar set, so I can use the bar as a stop. I hold the prosteer levers tight against the bar when mowing, and that gives me a smooth, even speed in a generally straight line. When you just push the steering levers part way, with nothing to rest them against, you will have uneven speed when you hit bumpy ground, as your hands can not hold the levers exactly even. I hope that explains how you can use the bar, besides for a parking brake.
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    What gear are you running in. and does gravely have an update kit and if they do how much is it??

    Thanks john

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