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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TXNSLighting, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Heck no. Part of my motivation for growing the company was to get to the point where I wasn't mowing, edging, getting all wet and nasty and coming home stinky and green stains up to my elbows every day. It's not a very glamorous job in Oregon, where it rains half of the year. Feet always wet. mowing up and down hills all day long sucks, even with a self propelled. My immediate goal was to build the business big enough to where I didn't have to do that stuff anymore.

    I been doing this 17 years now, we'll gross over $3Mil this year. And we would have probably never made it past $1Mil. if I hadn't have stepped into management and was still working lawns every day.
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    I was hoping you would chime in. I'm hoping I have found my next crew leader. He starts Monday. If that happens and he's the guy I will be able to do more of what needs to be done in a million dollar company. we shall see...
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    I am not to those number yet but I run lean. Wife involved and pak as much into a 20 hour day as I can. Estimates are done at home office. iPad. Smart phone. I have things in place but for me I like the outdoors. Being in the field. But it's chase chase chase. Help is always an issue in my area. Bigger is nice but not always better. Shoveling rock off a trailer.....not productive. Toro dingo, powered wheel barrel, but things like pavers, edgers, retaining walls, planting, all takes man power. Physical labor. I am also very strict on mowing....lines! There are accounts I just do myself. Fortune 500 companies, we maintain one and another family run business with 3000 employees....these people are demanding etc which I am sure you guys know what install about but gee my guys are like looks good to me but not really. My wife says give it already and move on. So I will continue to be in the field but yes those hours are getting less and less cuz as we click out mowing, landscape, I gotta be planning, designing, selling, material ready weeks in advance to keep things rolling.
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    One thing the OP needs to remember is that he is asking people that do not have 3 partners if they are out in the field.

    Unless you're gross profit is really high, his company can't afford to have 3 partners in the office at $1M.
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    I feel their will always be someone unhappy if thats the case. The OP is outside sweating like theres no tomorrow while his partner is inside doing paperwork.

    Why does he get to be inside and not you? This will always be the problem. Thats why most LCO's choose to not have partners. Do all of you sit down occasionaly and look at the finances and the direction the company is going? It seems like you are just an employee that owns 1/3 of the company.

    Like i said in another thread, if you need employees its fair game to steal them from other companies. We do it all the time. Just offer good pay and a good work enviroment and that will attract quality employees.
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