to those who pull a trailer with a stick shift

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by snapper, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. snapper

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    Does backing up a trailer with a stick shift take any noticeable amount of life out of a clutch? I am talking a 5x10 with a walk behind. Not much weight. I have noticed it takes quite a bit of feathering/slipping the cluthch(lightly engaging then releaseing, or up hill having to ride so as not to get going too fast) to back a trailer and was just wondering how i was affecting the clutch.. So any insight from the old timers that have pulled alot of miles with trailers with sticks? Do these small trailers efferct cluthch life much, or is it not enough to notice??

    later!! chris
  2. MorganParadise

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    Any time you slip the clutch you are taking some of its life. If you are driving it like you say then you need a lower gear. You can have the gear in the rear end changed or do nothing and replace clutch when it goes out. I drive a stick every day.

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  3. Jpocket

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    If you are using a pretty heavy duty truck w/ low gears, you can let the clutch all the way out then gently ride the break to control your speed, I do it b/c my dump truck can pull just about anything at an idle.
  4. gammon landscaping

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    i have a 6 speed in my ford and have this problem from time to time. i have found 2 solutions

    1. get a longer trailer, they are alot simpler to back faster
    2. i just leave my hubs unlocked and put it in 4 low so you can go really slow

    my normal reverse is just a little to high for small trailers that you have to chase alot, my 24 gooseneck i can run 20 in revese and never get out of my lane
  5. oldrustycars

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    you may need more practice backing up. you should be able to idle backwards without slipping the clutch. and as has been said, slipping the clutch causes wear. going down the road in high gear causes no wear on the clutch.
  6. lawnboy dan

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    you should be able to shift into 4 wheel low even with the hubs in free. this way you get 2 wheel low. i use to do this all the time when backing up the trailer.

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