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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jaydawg, Apr 16, 2010.

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    Hello, i'm hoping to get some advice here !

    I have a fairly small backyard and frontyard. Combined they are aprox 3500 Sq. feet.

    I have had Trugreen lawn service come out last year and once this year to fertilize and my soil is in pretty good shape.

    My issue is that i have a lot of high and low spots in the yards. I often scalp the yard when i mow (i use a troybuilt pushmower). I used to have a lot of dandilions, but nothing yet so far. I had a lot of crabgrass last fall and i have quite a bit of wild onion sprouting up all over the backyard. I have a large (10' x 10') area of limestone embedded pretty well into the soil in the middle of the lawn (used to be a shed there). I also have a lot of incects in the yard including those little flying ants.

    I think the best thing to do at this point is to remove the stones left from the shed and just rototill everything so i can level out the yard how i'd like it. If i go that route, will i need to spray a non-selective herbicide first to kill everything or can i mow super low and till in the existing grass ? If i were to spray a herbicide down, then till, would the herbicide effect the growth of the seeds i sow ?

    I live in akron ohio, a cold climate area, so i'm hoping that im not going to be too late to till and sow grass. Would it be better to wait till fall or even next march ?

    Thanks in advance for any help !!

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    I have had a lot of luck adding top soil over areas to bring them up even with everything else, then I seed those areas. There is something to be said about a total lawn reno though. This article came in my popular mechanics....

    If you were going to do it, I would say this is the way to go....
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    You can seed a few weeks after you spray the non selective herbicide without any problem.

    Crabgrass / weeds will grow where the lawn is thin or bare. Thickening / seeding your lawn is the best solution.

    You can seed in the spring but the problem is the summer coming up, depending on the severity you can have new grass die off and heavy competition with the weeds, you may have to redo part or all of the seeding.

    Fall is the optimal time.

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