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to upgrade, or not to upgrade

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by supercuts, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. supercuts

    supercuts LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,808

    im always torn between upgrading or not. take for instance mowers, last oct i bought a new mower to replace a 99' ztr with 2900 hrs on it. it still worked perfect adn my 04' Ztr broke down more. the only real issue with it, other than typical 25 kohler valve cover leaks, was the deck litterally wore out. the grass rubbed welds away where the top metal meets the sides. didnt really wear the sides down though so welded her up, back in service she went. so, the question is, when does everyone decide??? not really in need of help, just a discussion. thought it would be different

    i know my pros and cons and felt a new, more reliable (in theroy) was the way to go, but $10,000 is a big hit. then i factored in acutal pay out of pocket due to tax write offs, roughly 2/3rds, about $6700 minus sale of 99' brought it down to $4300. started to sound not so bad. so i went for it, but i always think back, it was bought and paid for and made me ridicous money and still could have. should i have upgraded?? i see some guys who run the oldest mower and trucks and costantly think how they must not have any major overhead to speak of, imagine! all that green right into the pocket. i know i wouldnt want the stress of old equiptment and would rather reinvest some to stay on top and not having the fear of replacing multiple top dollar items at once, but some seem to do really well, for a really long time like that.

    i DO want your thoughts on this one, right now i do have a 00' 16hp giant vac loader that needs an impeller but runs mint. the housing is completely eaten away so i have about 5 patches around the outside. a friend said he would redo my horrible welding and put new patches on it for nothing, and the shop wanted almost $700 for the impeller job. do i sell it and get a new one($2800ish), or TRY to fix the impeller myself? ive tried to get the old one off but its seezed on. ive soaked it with PB lubicant for days then heated it up, put the puller on, nothing. im not looking forward to cutting it off! what would you do with this one?

    discuss away! love to hear your stories on your own too

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