To Walkers for sale + Perforator(Aerator). Getting out of mowing. Willing to ship!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by DSTC, May 4, 2008.

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    Hi follks,

    I have two Walker mowers for sale. The reason that I'm getting out of the mowing part is that my squirt and fert business is about 95% of my total business at this point and it is still growing every week. I don't have enough maintenance to hire someone to help me, and I don't trust anyone but myself with my equipment.

    Basically it comes down to making a decision about continuing to do the mowing or giving it and being able to do more squirt/fert. Since the squirt/fert business is better money, guess which one I am choosing? :)

    I am located in the southwest of Georgia and I am willing to have the mowers shipped via frieght. I can put them on a pallet that I can get from my mower dealer, and then have them shrink wrapped at Fedex Frieght.

    Here is what I have:

    2004 Walker Model MDD Deisel with 42" mulching deck and 438 hours - $6500

    2007 Walker Model B with 48" S/D Deck and 62 hours - $4250

    2004 Model Perferator Aerator to fit Walker Mowers with probably about 150-200 hours on it. Does not have an hour clock, but it has been very well taken care of and the cams have been greased religiously. I'd like to get $1500 for this piece.

    I will post pictures in a little while, especially if someone is interested.

    Once again, I WILL SHIP, but you have to pay for the freight.

    I am also putting it all on ebay for a week to see what i can get there.

    I will take $11500 for the whole package if anyone wants to go that route.
  2. DSTC

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    Forgot to mention that I have about 12 sets of blades for the 42" deck and 4 sets of blades for the 48" deck that I will include for free. Not to mention plenty of odds and ends like bolts for the blade caps, sheer pins for the PTO's, Air filters, belts, etc etc. All will be inlcuded with purchase.
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    Pictures, please !!
  4. ATouchofGrass

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    Any pictures of the perforator (aerator)?
  5. DSTC

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    sorry no pics of it yet. My batteries died at my warehouse before i could get pics. I will pst them tommorrow.

    Here is the Model B
  6. DSTC

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    sorry the last one didn't work

    This is the Model B. The hour clock is fuzzy and out of focus but I assure that it is 61 hours and some change.




  7. DSTC

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    Here is the diesel. It also has a fuzzy pic pf the instrument panel. Does anyone have tips on getting that in focus? I have a 7.2 megapix camera.




  8. syzer

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    You have to use the macro setting, its the little green flower. What would it run to ship the perforator to MD?
  9. DSTC

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    I don't know your zip code, but to ship to 21201(baltimore) from me would be $443.65 using Fedex frieght. I quote using Fedex because I have used them before and I am familiar with them. I don't know of any other frieght Services in my area, although I am sure that there ae some.

    My zip is 31705 for anyone interested in getting their own rate quote.

    Here is the Fedex quote link.

    I believe the Frieght Class for a fully assembled mower is class 65. Please correct me if anyone knows differently.

    The Perferator weighs approx 400lbs.

    The Model B wieghs approx 800lbs with deck.

    The Diesel wieghs approx 1150lbs with the deck.
  10. DSTC

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    bump before bed :)

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