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Today, Jed Clampett went to the big city.


LawnSite Senior Member
southern ohio
Today I went to buy a lawn care co. in a large market in central Ohio. You might say this area is lawn and landscape Mecca. The price was right at 12% of the yearly account revenues and the owner wanted paid as I cut with no money down. So I figure, how could I lose? He promised the every one of the 15 accounts was obscenely priced and the yearly was around 100K. And I don't pay untill I work, where do I sign?
He ends up showing me a handful of residentials at $35.00 each and one apartment complex at $525.00 that would take 3 men all day to cut. I look at him and say, "How do you squeeze 100k out of this?". Maybe there was 30k there and some landscaping but it's 1 hour plus from home plate and the travel time just wasn't worth the headache so we parted ways as I wished him luck.

The thing is that maybe $100 in the sticks is worth more than $150.00 in the big city, especially if you live in the sticks. It took us 30 minutes to wade through traffic and get from stop to stop. The pain in the butt factor was very high. I know that my market will not bare the pricing of a large market but the tide is turning as I bump every chance I get and my expenses are probably lower than average.

At any rate, this hillbilly will stay in the sticks for now.


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
"It took us 30 minutes to wade through traffic and get from stop to stop'

Ive said it before and Ill say it again, the less stops you have to make the more money you will make, whether its East Overshoe or Noo Yawk Citee.


LawnSite Member
Zone 9
I was once young and nieve and purchased a business!

It's amazing how straight you stand up after bending over!

Buyer Beware! and Knowledgable!

I wasn't!!!!!!!!!!!!


LawnSite Platinum Member
An hour away from home base! I'd have to say no, just based on that!


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
Another plus for country life.
In 25yrs of just leaving equipment
out side on trailer and truck i
have only had one tire stolen and
that was an ex brother in law.
Knock on would.Here in this part
of NC,If you come down a long country
drive with a van or truck YOU BETTER
In the small towns around i just cover
equip .Again nothing stolen.
Thirty miles away in charlotte,lock
it all down or its gone in some areas.
ONE of the reasons im a hayseed.
There are plenty more.


LawnSite Senior Member
Southwest VA
We live in the sticks, also. We love it and we're only about 20 minutes away from a town of 8,000. NOTHING STOLEN SO FAR. Goin' up Cripple Creek goin' in a run, goin' up Cripple Creek to have some fun... Ever heard that song? We live where it was made, Cripple Creek, VA.