Today was a good day!!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PROFESSORRAIN, Aug 30, 2007.


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    The planets must have been in line or something!Went out today gave 4 bids for roughly $38500.00 signed 3 on the spot which was 10 grand in my hip pocket before lunch I was on cloud 39 but after lunch I meet with a cust. that no sh## had a legal note pad first sheet full of ?'s but in his defense he has the biggest job 18,500 man it would be so sweet get in his pocket cause he's got a horse pasture he wants done at a later time but before the first of the year which will be 150k +.:cool2: :cool2:

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    Thanks bro but i'm just living in the cust. world lol
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    I know it's fun to be in cloud 9, but do us a favor don't install one of these!

    Congrats man!

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