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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hammy1316, Apr 17, 2004.

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    I was mowing one of my accounts a couple days after we were supposed to mow it because me and my helper d00d got really sick and got the flu, so we start to mow his yard and the guy comes out and asks my helper if he is still sick and my helper says "uh, a little bit still" and the guy walks over and feels my helper's forehead for a fever. Then as im emptying my bag of grass in the truck, i lift up the bag and the grass is stuck because its wet a little bit and so I bring the bag back down to make the grass unstuck and i bring it back up to empty it, and the guy comes over and grabs the bag from me forcefully and emptys it. Then a while later he asks me if he can put some tree branches in the back of the truck and I say yes, i ask him if he needs any help doing it and he says "no, i can do it myself" and i felt ackward with the owner of the house picking up some branches and putting them in my truck. As we are finishing up the lawn, he starts blowing the grass of the sidewalk with his eletric blower, i walk over to him and say that we do blowing as part of his services and he says "no its fine, i love to help" and he continues to blow, i was thinking 'alright, what ever floats your boat', and as im about to get in the truck, he gives us a $5 dollar tip. It felt really really ackward with him helping us. has anybody else had one of their customers fell your forehead or help you?
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    I have a customer that comes out and helps, it is a little bit annoying because he is always adding extras and I feel bad charging him after he help me out. Sometimes I wish he would just stay in the house but he gives me ALOT and pays good so it balances out
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    I would feel a bit awkward too if someone (of the same sex) felt my forehead, that's not cool. I don't like it when customers throw sticks in the truck, they obviously don't realize what a pain it is to have them in the way all day. Even worse is when a customer gets in our truck and puts their payment under the visor and doesn't tell us, then complains because we didn't find it.
  4. stslawncare

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    nothing wrong with customers helping. less work for us but same money. whatever makes the customer happy, they are the ones paying us.
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    You know, I don't know this guy but the way you described him, he sounds like he's either lonely or feels guilty that he has someone else doing his lawn.

    I wouldn't worry about it unless he starts getting in the way.

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