todays drainage project

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, Aug 16, 2010.

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    You mean it rolls out wavy gravy?

    I have come to appreciate proper prep. If I take the time to compact after a couple inches and more importantly level things out and not settle for shoveling it in (needs to be raked level), I have more success. Same applies for road base.

    I use a compaction plate a lot and have found that compacting clean DG levels out pretty good, but any amount of dirt will really mess up compaction.
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    it'll lift if too much or not enough water, i will soak the dg if it's lunch time, jump back on 15-20 later and it rolls out perfect.
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    Don't know if your solution will work GM. Curious why you didn't tackle the source of the problem instead of the symptom? If the lawn sprinklers are producing too much run off, then the PR is too high and/or the system is being run too long, in addition to the aforementioned compaction.

    I have a site with a small lawn that has a bad physically compacted layer at ~ 3" depth over ~60% of the lawn. The owner is not interested in redoing the lawn at this point (i.e. tilling), so I am recommending trying to bust up the compacted layer naturally. It has been a nonstop battle irrigating this area as too little water leads to brown out in the compacted areas, too much water leads to swamp and the line between those two conditions is very fine .... kinda like mixing concrete.
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    Like your site there is compaction but it is not uniform across the whole zone and the owner is not interested in subsoiling his back yard in the middle of summer. So this was my solution for the time being but I have told him he needs to do somthing about the comaction because it is going to continue to burn up. It sucks because just when I think I get the timing of this zone right we will get a day of hot weather and it browns out in a few hours.
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