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Today's projects


LawnSite Member
I finally got the squealing brake problem fixed on the 62". Boy is that annoying to drive!!!! Turns out a bushing in the brake band wasn't free which caused the band to engage the brake in all lever positions from full on to full off. Fixed the bushing, no more squeal, now I need new steering dampeners and it will be a good machine to operate.
After that was done, I went out to test drive it and found more and more grass that needed mowing so I switched to the 72". I found an area that was really heavy mowing last week and was again today. But boy does that Toro lay the grass out nice!!!:cool2: I was going back and forth rather than around, and usually you can tell how the person was mowing cause it won't throw it clear across two widths. Not today. I looked over once and it was laying it out the full 10'-11' just like a carpet!!:clapping: Just made me happy to have such a good machine to take heavy new grass and old grass and lay it out like that.
Thanks for the info on the grass circles or fairy rings. I thought you were kidding with the fairy rings, the picture doesn't show much at least like I have, but the description is the same.