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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by shadco, Sep 21, 2013.

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    I don't need a mower until next spring but I went looking today wondering if I might find a deal.

    I have 2 acres of nice wide open lawn in great shape, relatively flat.

    simple parking lot test on a Scag Freedom Z 52 with B&S 26 HP, and a Hustler Fastrack 54 inch Super duty Kawa 23.

    Also looked at a Scag Tiger Cat 48, Toro Titan 5480 MX and a Worldlawn Cobra.

    The freedom Z was $6500

    Tigert Cat 48 same B&S engine $7200 end of year deal only 1 in stock

    Hustler fastrack super duty 54 $5700 demo 40 hours 5700 full warranty

    Toro Titan 5480 $5500

    Worldlawn Cobra 26 HP $5500.


    To me the scag freedom Z seemed to be the best thought out best finished among this group, I was surprised how much more well thought out the scag seemed compared to the Hustler for the same price new for new.

    What I'm wondering is Should I consider the Tiger cat even though the cut is smaller compared to freedom z.

    The scag dealer seemed to have a lot more on the ball compared to the Toro / Worldlawn dealer. The hustler dealer seemed OK.

    I'm more inclined to buy from a local dealer with good service than going farther out to save a little dough.

    I'm torn between the freedom z and the tiger cat. Both are probably overkill for my needs the only real concern I have is the B&S engines but this is a residential application rather than a commercial one. I'm thinking even though the Tiger cat has a narrower deck that it would probably get the job done as fast as the Freedom

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    If it were me, I'd prob go with the tiger cat. I have had a freedom z for four yrs (475 hrs) and I love it but have had two hydros go out on it. Luckily the warranty covered both. The tiger cat is more heavy duty and u will prob have less problems. Although, I've driven two tiger cats and they weren't as "smooth" driving as my Z....
    Good luck!
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