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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by TomG, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. zedosix

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    Did I see wedgies in there somewhere? :)
  2. SVA_Concrete

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    two final comments. that 12" appears to be HDPE not PVC??

    and two: i don't dig the design at all. it is very unfortunate looking.

    the quarter circle is goofy, the driveway is blockey, and the sidewalk is at a funny shape/angle from the driveway.

    it just all together looks very off.

    ok number 3: the stone wall on either side of the famous granite steps looks rather odd, almost as if two separate people from separate countries built either wall, the left side is very horizontally oriented stone, and the right side looks like a pile of rocks.
  3. AzLawnMan

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    Now I will be the first to say that I am not in the same league as DVS, Zedo and a couple of others, but from your photos I notice alot of your bond lines are not straight or do not run great pattern (holland pavers with the running bond on page 8). Also why on page 7 are you screeding and then walking on the fresh screeded sand? I make it a point and I or my landscape forman will literally yell at one of the guys if they did that. Like I said, I dont have the years as some of the guys that I respect on this site, but those are the things that caught my eye, also some of your pics do not show edge restraints, why is that? Lots of jobs, but lack of detail is something I think you may need to pay attention to.
  4. jreiff

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    Those screeders do work really good. Spendy, but does help speed up screeding and is easier than bending over on your knees with a 2x4.
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  5. TomG

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    Literally all those questions have been asked and I have answered them. But here you go. Ill just copy and paste the answers.

    Because we don't own a hover craft.:) The only access to the back yard was around the left of the house. So rather than lay 650sf of pavers from one pallet location, we put the pallets out around the patio before we put the sand down. Then we just walk across the sand in one location to bring the pavers in. Then just go over it with the back of the rake as seen in the video. So... take 2 min to re-grade the sand or spend a lot of time walking 40ft insted of 10 ft with the pavers each time.

    I can assure you there is edge restraint on each and every job. Its usually just covered by mulch or loam on the side. Edge restraint properly installed should not be seen.
  6. TomG

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    1.Yes your correct, I'm not sure why I said PVC.:hammerhead:
    2.I respect your opinion on the design but ultimately your not the one paying us. The home owner loved it.
    3.I will be the first to say we SUCK at building natural stone anything. That's why you don't see any pictures of it. This wall was already here but there were no steps so we just took out some rocks to fit the granite in and then we put some stones back where they were needed. Here is a picture of the wall before.

  7. SVA_Concrete

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    bingo bango.... that was like taking candy from a baby
  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    Oh heavens DID he REALLY say THAT???

    If I had not a quarter, but a penny for everytime someone wrote that on this site just in the last month, I'd be able to take my family out to Dennys!

    Tom, customers DO NOT know the work. Therefore they're always going to love it! Always! :weightlifter:

    There is a local contractor who's website has a pile of rocks on the ground and he calls it a water feature. Most awful thing I've ever seen. And....I bet his client "loves it".

    See, it's fly-by-night comments like that, that promt guys like Zedo to ride your tail. You jus opened the door for him even further :)
  9. zedosix

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    No comment

    biting my lip.jpg
  10. MFNA

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    Where does that rain pipe into the pvc run out to?? under the patio into the yard or just straight down? how do you do that???

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