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    i have seen and have built reinforced walls with out block "veneer". green wall.they make L shaped lined wire baskets for the face and you follow similar steps as a srw. grid and all. its not a big deal to each his own in this business as long a the projects looks and functions well over time
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    We use it under all our granite stoops because of the weight of the granite. (110lbs. a square foot @ 7" thick). Geo-grid is to soil what reinforcing steel or rebar is to concrete. We use it to reinforce our base to make it stronger. What is shown in the video would be just the same if there was dirt around it, your still increasing the bearing capacity of the gravel base. Its just like how ICPI specs using geo-grid in raised patios. Instead of dirt around the geo-reinforced soil its a wall. Or how it is sometimes used in road construction, its all the same concept.

    DVS, there is not 12" of gravel over the grid, the picture with the grid is of just one layer of grid. Like I said before, grid was put on top of each new lift. (except for the last lift, because the grid would just be laying on the surface.) So we had 4 lifts of 3" thus creating 3 layers of grid in the system. And in regards to your settling question, yes you are correct its not the top of the ground that settles. Its the same theory as you using geo-fabric under your walkways and patios. Geo-grid will bridge voids just like fabric. Will it stop clays from migrating up into the base no, that's what fabric is for. Sometimes we even put in a fabric at the bottom of the excavation.
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    That link information does not jive with todays methods of raised patio construction, although I must say I've done it this way for years. Latest word is to slope to centre of patio, but its suceptible to freezing and holding water for a month or so til the ground thaws. This industry is changing so fast, but its all for the better.
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    I personally think crowning and sloping the patio away from a structure is the best way since drains clog and customers don't always keep up with the maintenance of drains etc. Just my thoughts since I could give a rats ass about icpi stats these day's!
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    Here are a bunch of pictures of a job that consisted of removing an existing timber wall that was failing, removing an old clay paver patio, digging back the slope behind the wall 8' to give the homeowner a larger back yard, building a new Genest Highland wall, building a new patio with walkways with Genest Baxter and Acadia Stone. The hardest part of this project by far was the excavation of the slope, just because there was bad access and not a lot of room to work and we hit ledge. Enjoy the pictures!

    I have a lot of pictures of this project so try and hold off on the comments until I'm done posting them.





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    Some progress shots



  7. TomG

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    More progress shots




  8. TomG

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    Shots of around the sun room.




  9. TomG

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    A smaller side patio at the sun room




  10. TomG

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    Some before and afters






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