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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by TomG, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Some shots of breaking up the ledge. This was not fun at all, I spent a full day just breaking rock.:hammerhead: In the 3rd picture you can see some nice blue New Hampshire granite. Also you will notice that the well is gone in the "after" pictures. It was an old well not in use, we had a well company come in and cut it and properly seal it off.





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    Ok last of the pictures.





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    Whoo wee - that's alotta landscape gravel!

    Reminds me of my old fish tank.

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    The project looks great.
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    Thanks so much for sharing your great work.
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    Whew! I just finished reading through this thread and boy can you stir up a lot negativity, oops I mean comments, by posting pics. I'm going to give my two cents on the purpose of geogrid: It is a soil reinforcement and what it does in retaining walls is generally different than the purpose by which it was used in Tom's application.

    By using geo grid in retaining walls, you are in effect creating a gravity structure that resists slumping or rotation. In the application of the stairs, the grid serves to increase the shear angle of the soil and thus distribute the load of the supporting blocks over a greater area.

    Keep the pics coming Tom - I'm a fan. And DVS I did a cursive look for pictures of yours but I couldn't find any recent (other than the stairs with railings. How far back do I have to go?

    Like I said in the Heavy Equipment forums I'd post some pics of some landscaping that I've done but don't think that I could handle the negativity. DVS, can't you adopt another idol other than Simon Cowell?
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    Post #265 picture #5. How did you install the edging along the walkway. I have a project coming up with Techo-Bloc Belgik edging and I'm trying to figure out the best way. Techo says to use concrete with a horizontal rebar behind it but I'm not too sure of that up here in NH. I was thinking about using edge restraint then base material instead of concrete. What do you guys think?
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    What we do is put the edging on the out side of the curbing. We just use more spikes because you are holding the curbing and the brick. We never use any type of mortar or cement as edging. I'm not sure how tall the Techo Belgik is but if its really tall you might want to go with a taller edging. Here is a picture of this job showing the edging. Its not the best but you can see it.


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