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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by TomG, Feb 7, 2011.

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    flag stone is the wrong word to use. You should be looking at a building veneer style stone usually a random stone but will be 4-6" thick lay it with the meat in to the wall use an ashlar or ledge style stone and you will be able to figure it out pretty easy but i hope you understand the basics of a fire pit because just stone will blow up in your face. By blow up I mean the stone will spall and actually hit you in the face.
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    Those are very nice photos
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    Tom - is that you in that video stacking beer bottles with the bucket?
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    Haha up thats me!!

    Some how I created a truly viral video. here it is for anyone who has not seen it.

    Here is a link to a online news agency that interviewed me.

    I am going to be on my local news station tonight as well.

    If you go to google and type in "Beer Bottle Excavator Trick" you can see how many places re-posted it.

    Its crazy, ohhh the power of the internet!
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    I just had to post that youtube link on my facebook... Very Cool!!!

    I'll be calling you if I ever need any excavation work done!
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    Do you actually have two arms, or is one of them a stump with hydraulic quick connects? Because, dang.
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    my hat's off to you!
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    Caught it on the news Last night or early this morning. I had a feeling it was you. Then I saw the interview tonight on news 9. That's a neat trick. I like the hat trick too. Keep it up. I wonder what the next trick will be?
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  10. TomG

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    For anyone that wants a good laugh check this out. Here is a link to a Japanese TV show that I was on because of my video, the English translation is "The Best of Youtube." I did the interview via Skype. My part ends at 1:50 so no need to watch the entire thing.:laugh: Got to love the epic music in the background.:laugh::laugh:

    I also got on the Sam Adams website! Sam Adams actually contacted me to ask permission to re-post my video on there site. I think I was too excited and forgot my negotiating skills. No free beer for me... None the less pretty cool.

    Also thought I would share some pictures of our home show booth from last weekend. We teamed up with Energy North, a local propane/gas company for the booth. They provided the grill, fire place, heater and fire pit. Obviously all gas. We also won first place for best booth in the "Landscaping" category out of about 15 booths.








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