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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by TomG, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Barge Man

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    Just for a comparison I just picked up my 2013 E50 long arm, keyless, cab heat/air/radio and direct to tank kit for 60,400 before taxes
  2. anthonyp

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    That sure sounds like a good deal.....I`m hopeful my dealer is coming down....I`m sort of stuck mentally on the Cat 305.5d or the E50....I had a price on the D from a year and a few months back, and they were fairly close.....Do you think the auxiliary hydraulic flow is about the same in real life? Tony
  3. Barge Man

    Barge Man LawnSite Senior Member
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    I demoed a 305 c and a 305.5 d and really liked it but did not like getting in and out of the machine. I think the Aux. Hyd flow is very comparable, but I only used a hydraulic thumb.
  4. TomG

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  5. jrs.landscaping

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    I bet that prize money almost paid for the trip to the expo.
  6. anthonyp

    anthonyp LawnSite Member
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    Hi Tom
    I am demonstrating an e 50 today....I really don`t have much experience, some, but I though it to be a little tippy...not bad, but not anything like rock steady.....It has a four foot hydraulic mower , and I got a taste of what it is like ...I`l do some more tomorrow..

    I`l get a thumb, if I get this, and the dealer said it would handle the thumb being attached with the mower....I would imagine this to weigh about the same as your thumb and tilting bucket together...maybe a bit more.....What do you think ?? This machine has the long boom Tony
  7. ksss

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    That was my issue. Getting in an out of the machine was a PINTA.

    I keep telling myself I need to go to that EXPO. Its busy here during that time and hard to get away. However I will make it down there. It does not look like there was much for crowds? Was it as lightly attended as it appears in the pictures?
  8. TomG

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    anthonyp: Yes the machine will be a little tippy. Its a zero turn. I would highly recommend getting the weight kit. I think its 500lbs that bolts onto the back of the machine. I think it ends up hanging over about 3-4" so its not zero turn anymore but you will need it with the long arm. I too thought the machine was very tippy when I first got it coming from only using a conventional tail swing machine. But once I got used to it its really not bad at all.

    ksss: I actually got into the show a day early and that is when I took most of these pictures. The show opens a day early for dealers and exhibitors, but I got in. :dancing: The show was very well attended in my opinion.
  9. Bleed Green

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    I know that aching acres truck. It's pretty cool watching them blow mulch at a job. I actually tried to get a job with them a couple years back.
  10. Steve0622

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    Great pics! Any idea what the dash "2" on the kubota svl 90 stands for? 2 speed?

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