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Tomslawncare1 - Lazer demo?


LawnSite Senior Member
North of Seattle
Tom, on 11/25 you said you were going to demo a 60"Lazer with Ultra Vac. Did you do it? How did it go? Anyone use the UV on wet grass? How'd it do? Is this question boring anyone yet? Me too, but none of the dealer's has a 60" machine set up for me to demo or I would! Thanks, Will


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh, Pa
I have a 52 inch laser with a ultra vac. I like the vac a lot. It works well with grass and leaves. It bags wet grass very well. It has trouble with thick leaves, but other than that, it wokrs very good. Haven't tried the triple bag ultra vac yet, but if it works as good as mine I highly recomend it.


LawnSite Fanatic
The fullsize Ultra-Vac should perform well on a 60" as it is also available on a 72". It has a 1.5" bigger diameter impeller, a 1.75" bigger diameter tube, and 5.4 bushel increase in capacity. The small one works very well on 52" and 60" isnt that much bigger deck. It should be overkill on a 60" . I think it will be marginal on a 72" though. We shall see. I think Exmark missed their "mark" with waiting till Spring 2001 to release the full size Ultra-Vacs though. I'd have bought one for mine right away without thinking. Now, I'll see as mulching is working great with Double mulchers and "The Director" OCDC.


Mike Felices

I'vve called eX-mark and spoke to the Prsident, and the person in charge of research adn development. They both said they have take the Ultra-Vac out into a steady down pour and the collector tube didn't clog up at all! They said the water was draining out of the bottom of the bag, but it still held as much as it does when the rass is dry. So far they have not have a single problem. I demoed a Walker and a LazerZ Hp with the Ultra-Vac, the Lazer handled better, gave a better cut, the Ultra-Vac worked better than the Walker, and you can cut faster.


LawnSite Gold Member
I took a 48" Axemark with a new Ultra-Vac across the street from my dealer to see how well it did in pine straw. I thought the machine and bagger did pretty good, it did clog though when you "jammed" it through. It left some still on the ground as it passed over but overall I was pretty impressed. Dealer showed me how quickly it could be removed and I was again impressed. I run a Trac-Vac on my Scag and was merely doing this for comparison purposes. When it was all over and done with we found out the mower had Gator blades installed, so all in all I think Axemark has done their homework.

Somebody out there needs to address the pine straw issue we have down here. I haven't seen or used a bagger yet that will pick it up without clogging. Once you run over it and get it mulched up a bit then you can pick it up, but not until.



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Flint, Michigan
I was able to test the full sixe Ultravac on a 72" deck. We ran it behind my dealer's warehouse through wet THICK over grown grass that had basically grown to weeds. It was wet that day from all the previous rain, and I couldnt believe what I was seeing when I looked behind me! The ease of dumping was a strong selling point too. With everyone standing around, we were not only all in agreement about the product, but we were also somewhat in awe.


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
Iwonder if there is a way to get
pine needles up with out tearing
them up with these machines. If a
vac system could be made to work
i could pay for it in a week.
pine needles 7 bucks a bag.

Premo Services

LawnSite Bronze Member
there is- a blower, a rake, and a lot of time. I had a customer that insisted on having me rake the needles up when I first started doing this business.Now i will only mulch them or pick them up with the ultra vac.


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
thanks for info.Im thinking of all the
acredge of tractor planted pines around here.
Most of the owners never get the needles
and are mostly concerned with the tree crop.
Ive got a drag i could use but id like to
speed up an increase productivity.That is
if i can work a deal with owners. TM COUNTRY