Tons of Questions. What A Day!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by FearThisDeere, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. FearThisDeere

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    Here is the list:

    1- When I dumped my dump trailer today, I was nowhere near the 12K lb. GVW. It was very slow to lift and is creaked a little.. This is the first time I had this much in there. It seemed to strain just ever so slightly. As soon as it reached about 50% dumped, the speed picked up. Is a small strain normal? I also noticed that where the rig was parked there was a few drops of liquid. It could have been from the truck A/C, but I am paranoid, so I think it is hydraulic fluid. Is it normal for a trailer to leak a little fluid? The piston casing has always been a little wet with hydraulic fluid since the day it was new. I noticed that the hydraulic tank was not full all the way up. Should you have to fill it up every once in a while? Is this why it is slow to lift? What type of fluid should I use? Of course I have lost my manual!

    2- My F250 sags very little in the back when hooked up, but more than I want it to. I like a truck that doesn’t sag. I know that Timbrens do wonders for trucks with plows on the front, but how well do they work in the rear? Would they solve me saggy rear lol! It only sags about 1.5” at most, but it drives me nuts. Would Timbrens cause anything in the rear be more likely to break or cause any damage?

    3- Now to the electrical: When my truck sits for a couple of days the gauges stick all the way to the top. It did this at the dealer and they said it was because it had been sitting on the lot for a while. When I drive it everyday everything works great. When they stick after four or five starts over the course of the day they work fine. What is going on? Also, the door agar light has stuck on with all the doors shut. This causes the interior lights to stay on even when you turn off the dimmer switch. I try a bunch of different things like locking the truck etc… nothing works. Then they just magically go off and they are fine for weeks. This has only happened to me twice. I still think I doing something wrong. Any opinions?

    4- While towing with the O/D off on my V10, when I hit 2,00 RPMS my truck seems to get a higher pitch tone like something is kicking in, almost like a turbo type sound. Is this normal?

    Wow, what a day. So many problems, so little time. Other than these life is great, so I can’t complain. Feel free to take a stab at any of these questions. Thanks for your help in advance guys. Sorry for the long post.
  2. PPMnh

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    1. on the trailer... i don't know. check to see if the fluid is hydraulic or water.

    2. look at airbags? or helper springs of any brand as there are many types. others have more experience than me on that. a 250 will sag with any weight. or maybe install the taller lift blocks and u bolts as on a 350 (2" compared to 4")?

    3. i don't know about the gauges. i do know about the interior lights. as you will see there are no switches in the inside of the doors with where the hinges are for the interior lights. they are mounted in the door clamps that clamp around the stud to keep the door shut. take some WD40 and spray the clamps liberally.

    4. i assume it's normal? the ford gassers have a flutter sound which i believe is around that rpm. it can be heard outside of the 5.4s and 6.8s.
  3. grandview (2006)

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    Does your dump run on battery power? If so charge it up.

    My truck will sag a little also (f250 also)

    The door ajar switch is at the bottom of the door and it's a switch with a ballpoint pen size thing any dirt and it will stick.

    My gages did that also kept an eye on the battery might be going bad have it checked
  4. Total.Lawn.Care

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    1. I cannot comment on the Dump Trailer.

    2. Any sort of helper springs, Air bags, Load Blocks, etc. will help. You might even want to consider Heavy Duty Air Shocks.

    3. I had this problem with the Door Ajar light in my Excursion. Mine was a Bad switch in the rear lift gate. Ford had to replace the switch.

    4. You could be hearing the Fan clutch spinning the fan to keep the engine cool. I have a Severe Duty Fan cluth on my F-150 and when it lights up, it sounds like an airplane. but in the Excursion, it kinda sounds like a turbo type of whine, very mild. That is probably what you are hearing and it is normal.
  5. scholzee

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    #3 Dash guages your battery is going bad you need a new battery in the truck. I believe the switch for the dome lights is internal to the lock mechinism in the door. Lube the latch mechinism that grabs the post when the door locks. Fluid film or some penetrating oil, may take several time over a couple of days but usually works.
  6. FearThisDeere

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    Thanks everyone!

    1- The dump trailer does run on a battery, but it is charged up with the hotwire coming from the truck. I put a battery tester on it today and it is good. I might just be paranoid!

    2- I'll look into everything mentioned for the sag. I would love to have some air bags there, but I'll look into everything.

    3- I'll have to check the battery. If it needs one the dealer will just have to put one in for me. Man I love this warranty thing (I have never had a warranty before as you can tell lol!). I sprayed some Fluid Film on the latches today and seemed to do the trick. I'll do it again when they start acting up again. My driveway is gravel and though I don't go fast at all I bet some dust gets in there.

    4- Thanks Total.Lawn.Care. That has to be the fan clutch kicking in. It is just like you said!
  7. tthomass

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    my 10k trailer has to take a deep breath every now and then when i load it to its limit but yeah it picks up as it goes...........keep go'n, don't let go as its easier for it to keep go'n vs stop and go, but if it won't lift it then dont' try to make it
  8. Total.Lawn.Care

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    If the fan clutch seems to be kicking in a little more often than it used to, you may want to keep a close eye on your coolant level for a while. You could be getting a little low on coolant. Could be a small leak, or could just be some internal evaporation of water from the coolant mix. But it is nothing to be real concerned about unless it is major fluid loss. I have to check my coolant level in my F-150at least weekly. I have a minor leak that I have not found yet, and I notice it when my clutch kicks in more than normal. Or, liek you said, you could be a little paranoid about it and just notice some of the different sounds in the truck a little more in recent days.
  9. FearThisDeere

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    It is something to keep an eye on for sure, but I just bought the truck and wanted to make sure that is was normal.
  10. Scag48

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    1- Try either greasing the lift linkage and see if that does anything.

    2- Air bags suck, get Timbrens, although you probably don't need them.

    3- Switch is sticky, easy fix.

    4- Probably your fan kicking in, they're loud as hell.

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