Too big a bite!

Acute Cut

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I may have messed up all. I got kinda big headed for my customer party idea.

I started off by inviting all my customers to a BBQ/Potluck at the local park. Then i started inviting friends as a people filler. Then i invited my dealer. I told him to invite some people to if he wanted to.

That was all fine and dandy but then i got a brain storm.

I went to the local paper (Population of over 60,000 ppl in my town getting paper) and i put in an "announcement" that i was having a party. Then i said to come down to check out our company and look at who and what we are. I was thinking i might get a few new customers this way. Maybe even a few commercial accounts. Now i am afraid that the whole 60,000 pupulation is gonna come! Good idea, small company. May not be a good thing.

Or maybe i hit a gold mine. WHo knows. ANy imput would be good. This is just here to add another topic to the somewhat slow boards and to also maybe give anyone with energy some ideas. Maybe
have a good one yall

Acute CUt


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My brother has 17 kids [4 are adopted] told him about your party. He says the kids are all excited and cant wait to go. They want him to hire you so they dont have to cut the lawn with hand clippers anymore.


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Columbus Ga
even if you let say can aquire 1% OF THE population better get real freindly with the bank because your going to need a lot of capitol real quick for the cost ..
Just do it like sunday supper at church..everyone brings some thing cut a lot of your cost ... some of the most outragest ideas made millons they laughed at penicin right!and hey what about that nut case that flew the kite in the storm boy he had no clue>>lol

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And now 1400 more of us know about it. When is it? Should we all bring a dish? :) I hope you get a lot of business from this.


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Acute Cut,
Good news! We just contacted the Washington Journal, a widely used ststewide publication that covers major events for the whole state. They said they are HAPPY to be able to publish this picnic coming up in Bellingham. Watch for it in the next edition!

Acute Cut

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Bellingham WA
Oh you guys are too much. Of course i just thought of another thing too. I am single and this could be the perfect event to meet all them single women who want to come see the mowers and have food. Well, maybe not. I can dream cant i. That and i have now been up, and awake all of one minute now. Thanks for the "support" guys. I think i was fearin Erics post the most after my Dixie/Craftsman remark on an earlier post. hehe.

have a good one yall
Acute CUt
Hello to all my Forum Friends:

Thanks for the invite, I just got the E-mail! I'll bring a 6 pack & some peanuts. I can't believe it, you guys that cut grass for a living must really make the bucks. WOW, I can't believe all the people you invited!

Man I can not believe all the food your going to have? BBQ 3 pigs, 2 goats & that big ole mess of fish you just caught on vacation. I love Smoked Mullet & I hope you all are planning on cooking a bunch of hush puppies & that JawJa ice creme (Cheese Grits) that's my favorite. Tell you what a friend I am, since I'm bringing all my Kin folks, I'll bring a qt. of cole slaw too! How does that grab ya.

BTW the golf carts for shuttles are a great idea too, don't want to have to walk to far on a empty stomach. LOL, far as that goes on a full stomach either. You are a true cyber space friend. WE are all pot bellied from all them beers we drink.

I'll need your fax & Phone # too, I can't believe it you are putting us up in hotel rooms & furnishing us transportation there & back. WOW again, you really take care of all your drinking buddies. When I get the numbers, I'll give you directions on how to get to all the kin folks shacks. A lot of them don't cut grass they work at sowing factory or at the chicken processing plant.

Don't worry about the JawJa Red Dirt Clay Roads, LOL no pavement here it's too hot. It would melt & that bus would bogg down in it. Don't worry about the dust at all, since my mother in law is comming shes bringing about 8 Extra large Oxygen Bottles of course 2 bottles of Nitrous for getting back & forth to the room & park. Do we need to bring bathing suits or are you furnishing them too? The park does have a swimming hole? I hope so cause I ain't rolling her around under the sprinkler again. I get to much mud on my feet, I'm going to get her a wheelchair for her 85th B-day, are you going to have wheelchairs, maybe since ya so friendly I just get one & surprise her with it. Thanks a million my friend.

The big ole block of ice for the shooters is great idea too! How many portable toilets are you going to have & I hope you have one close to the block of ice. If not that's ok. I was just asking because my Mother in law is 82 & she can down about 20 shooters. After about 10 my wife has to roll her to the bathroom. That's ok too, she's Sweetie5 on this forum & she trims all our properties ( 382 total only 58% are seperate apartment complexes ) with hand clippers, ok most of them, the Youpon Hollies she uses a big pair of Fiskars. She's strong as an OX & not much to look at, butt she's a lot of woman & I love every sq. ft. of her behind. LOL!

I'll put up more details later as I still haven't heard from Linda Mae & Little Beaver yet, I think they are comming to. They live in Alaska, but they easy to find, they took part of JawJa with them. Most of their cars, furniture & appliances that they have no need for are now in their front yard. They got a $800 BBQ grill on their front porch, it shows how friendly they are. Folks all the time pointing at their Ranch Style Shack or BBQ Grill not really sure & lotza times folks stop & ask are yall having a yard sale? Not yet, they gonna wait till they can afford a big Ho Down like you guys are having!!!!!!

They cut grass in Alaska & they 8 up with it to0, just like you other guys that cutz Grasses for a living.

See ya, Just glad not to Bee Ya!

LOL, at least untill after that Big Ole Ho Down you having. You can count on me & my Kin folks comming.

Can't wait to see the look on yo face when we show up!!!!!


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When is your party? Let us know what happens, just in case we can't make it.


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I once heard about a guy, I think that this was in Bethel NY in the late 60's. He had the same basic idea, have a huge party. He even had live entertainment scheduled. Well it turned out to be the biggest thing this side of the Mississippi. He had so many lawn care accounts that he could not service hardly any of them, and his business failed. Last I heard he was selling tue-dyed T-shirts on Ebay.