Too cold to mow...temperatures


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Too cold for the diesel trucks. Had to jump (i have a portable jumper) the past two mornings! 9 degrees in kansas city this AM. Too cold to start truck too cold to mow
Are you plugging it in?
Running a winter additive?
A battery on its way out?


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Kansas City
I’m not plugging it in, and I just replaced one of the batteries that was original to the truck (2016) a few weeks ago. Didn’t get a new battery for the second battery, as it was not the original Mopar battery. I’m going to replace that one too once I get the chance


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Willowick, OH
I didn't even try mine. Just hit the route with shovels and the ATV.

Op I will work when it's cold. I like the cold. Just try to keep it so face exposure to frostbite is more then 30 minutes.

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How does your atv work? Im thinking about getting one in a couple years for that exact thing.