Too cold to mow...temperatures

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CJ's Mowing Service, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. rclawn

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    Gus I had my main truck’s turbo actuator go out at 80k miles and the dealer was about to not cover it...$4k repair. Eventually they did but only after I told the service manager you and I both know the proper way is to replace whole turbo... If you won’t honor the warranty give me the arbitration information because we can settle this in court.

    They eventually fixed it for me.
  2. Gus McGee

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    Turbos going is a sore point with me. The turbo in my F-550 is a piece of junk. I have only about 90k miles on it and it is on the 3rd turbo. I am meticulous about maintenance too, I believe it is just a poor design.

    Ford wasn't willing to help out since it was outside of the warranty period.
  3. Doc8406

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    everyone has reduced their warranty period haven't they.. money grabbers!
  4. MowDaddy

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    That's why I like lawncare.
    My warranty is good for 1 week.;)
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  6. Mark Oomkes

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    You're going to kill the new battery. They need to be replaced at the same time.
  7. Mark Oomkes

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    I don't always wait for glow plugs\grid heaters to fully cycle.

    A lot of our tractors have to have the glow plugs manually activated, never do unless they won't start. Loader is the same way.

    We do start plugging them in when we start with snow, last thing I want to screw with is a truck\tractor\loader not starting. Electricity is cheaper than a starter.

    And you'll laugh, but when we get around -5° to -10°, we'll let everything run until we head out. A few gallons of diesel is cheaper than something not starting or gelling up.
  8. Mark Oomkes

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    They'll still run.

    One thing we do is start the mowers at the shop before leaving. Leave them running while transporting. Allows the engine and hydro oil to warm up and eliminates the chance of a throttle or choke cable freezing on the way to the first account and then not starting again.
  9. Marshall's Yard Service

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    I never thought about that, it's legal to have them running while your driving somewhere?
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    Don't know, don't care. No idea why it would be illegal, never crossed my mind.

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