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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bassin, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Armsden&Son

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    I am a new transplant to where I currently live and within 2 years of being here, I am friends with the owners of 4 of the biggest companies... I introduced myself, treated them with respect, and now I have great contacts and mentor type relationships with these guys... Before I was here though, I was in Boston and THAT was crazy! This is no joke but you can literally see 4 to 5 different landscaping companies on 1 street in the nicer hoods in the Greater Boston area.... Some are friendly, some are not.... BUT EVERYBODY IS BUSY!!!!! Plenty of work to go around...
    P.S Not trying to hijack the thread but RSK Property Maintenence, I just have to take note to what you said about no guard on the string trimmer? I have ALWAYS taken guards off trimmers.... I was trained this way, everybody in a 50 mile radius around Boston runs them this way, and we always looked at guys with the guard still on and say "That's a homeowner for sure making beer money"...... hahaha... Funny how different regions and places do things differently and I really don't mean any offense but I'm sure some people on here will back me up....
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    I always wave like its going out of style. If I'm approaching a truck clearly pulling a trailer, I automatically wave thinking they are a fellow LCO but most times its someone haulin a washer or dryer. Haha I actually got one of my best customers because they said everytime I pass their house I wave to them! If I wave and if they don't wave back then I blow the hornand wave again with a huge smile. Life is too short to be snooty and I love competition.
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    Where I cut some wave and some do not. I do know it can be unfriendly around here but I have been lucky. I know someone who got their tires slashed because they put up an ad on the same board as another company. I personally have just gotten dirty looks a couple times but what can you do.
  4. dstifel

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    TOday i was sitting at the top of a drive with a power buggy waiting for my cement truck about 800 yards down the road to find me. One of the competition who i get along well with drove by waved kept going saw him stop at the truck and send him my way. Pays off to be nice IMO
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    I waved to someone across the street from me yesterday and thought of this thread.
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    I actually think of this thread often now whenever I'm in one of our trucks and some guy with his murray and homelite gives us the stink eye thinking we are going after one of his $15 low ball jobs...
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    Hey I feel what your saying their were only 2 guys around my area that would wave at me when I started.We are going on season 4 in business & I just wave at all of them now! I have few more waving back now. Though my truck was keyed at an expo I did for advertisement the first year! smh
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    Yea I don't get too many waves either. I guess people see a older 1/2 ton and a single axel trailer and think low baller or hack. Even though my mowers are a lot nicer than theirs. I guess when I get the box truck done they will just be jealous or have no idea it's a mowing rig since it will be the only one around.
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    me and some of the other guys have a tag game going on. we all honk when driving by the other guys working. plenty of work to go around, and no ones getting my customers!
  10. zackvbra

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    When I first started, I drove up to mow a yard and I noticed a guy was mowing with a craftsman a couple houses down with a truck with ramps in front of the house. The sign on the side of his pickup truck said "TJS JUST CUTS". I don't even think he had line trimmers or blowers.

    I pull up and mow the yard, the same size as the yard he was cutting, and trimmed, blew and I was already finished, and he was still mowing.

    When I was walking up to drop the invoice, I heard a horrible sound from his lawn mower deck, he pushed it over to his truck and started working on it.

    I went by and smiled at him and waved and rolled down my window and said to him, "You need any help?" He looked up quick with a look ive never seen before. He had one eye closed and the other one wide open like he was mad. He told me "**** you"

    I have never seen him again after that.

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