Too good to wave.....

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bassin, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. caseysmowing

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    Good of you to ask if he needed help.
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  2. DoubleClutch

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    That's what make's a professional lawn care service compared to a fly by night!
  3. Chilehead

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    I like to treat everyone (including competitors) with respect, but not all of them behave the same way. I have had equipment stolen, advertising magnets on my truck stolen, false online reviews about my company posted, and current customers telling me stories of how the LCO who cuts down the street berates my business to them.
    Still, I don't feel any of the above actions are necessary AT ALL. I believe in my work, my clients believe in me, so that settles it.
  4. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    It's incredibly friendly in these parts. I think everyone waves. And on a hot day if there's a crew next door to where I'm mowing I'll throw them some ice cold Diet Cokes from the cooler. It's amazing the response I get.

    But I'm not even a blip on the radar, with only 35 lawns that I do after work, so I'm no threat to the big guys.

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