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i currently am planning on buying a ztr in the spring. i really like the turf tiger and the toro z master or exmark lazer( practically the same machine) but i heard from my local dealer and a few other landscapers that the turf tiger is a lot heavier and leaves bigger rutts. does anybody have a problem with that or have an opinion? thanks


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I've never heard of one mower "rutting" more than another mower. The only time that I've had rut problems is when the grounds too soft from rain. Most ZTR's have large floatation type tires.


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My dealer told me that the tiger I have weighs 1200 lbs. Like bob said if you have wet turf theres not 1 mower that will not rut even if its a WB. I try to finesse the turns on boggy ground and have had minor tears that I just kick back.


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Just remember this.... the wider the tire and the wider the stance the less pounds per square inch means the less rutage. But beware the aggressive tread style of a 60 inch lazer is very touch on new, thin, and wet grass!@!@@!@!


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I have a older Toro Zmaster 118 ztr. It does not weigh as much as any of the newer style models, from any maker, and it will leave ruts and tear up the turf if the ground is too wet. My 44" walk behind, 33" walk behind and 21" walk behind, all will do the same if the ground is too wet or sparsely covered.

I spoke at great length with several ztr manufacturers at the GIE show in Indianapolis about some of the characteristics of ztr's. My biggest concern is slope stability. I found that with my older Zmaster, once the nose dropped, there is no recovery when on a slope. Sometimes it does not even have to be a very large slope. This is such a concern to me on several of my accounts that I was looking at getting a newer model this coming spring. I have several accounts that have areas to mow that are on slopes that end in water filled ditches, streets or drop off's.

It took all the manufacturers alittle discussion to finally admit that it was characteristic of most ZTR's. The Scag dealer was the fastest to admit it due to the weight of the Scag line. He admitted that the Scag's were one of the heaviest on the market. But, he did add that the weight also helps it stick a bit better before it loses it's line on a slope, but once it does, he added, you are going down hill only.

Ztr's are like all of our equipment, what works best at one property may not be the best at another. That's why most of us have a trailer full of stuff when we head out in the morning.


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