Too late for this 1/2 fescue lawn

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pops the dog, Oct 25, 2001.

  1. pops the dog

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    So a lady calls me the other day to come and look at her lawn. This is approximately 4000 sq/ft yard. Half of the yard is ok. Got some weeds, but the fescue is alright. The other half is gone. In the spring, some company overseeded and the grass is now "replaced" by grass. Is it too late to aerate this lawn and overseed? I have done several yards this season, I just didn't know if November 1 was too late to start the process on a yard that is in such bad shape. I have searched and haven't found a specific post on this type of subject. She seems to be open to any suggestion, I just don't want to do this if the time in the season is too late. Thanks,

  2. awm

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    not to late aereate and get rid of the moss. seed heavily and
    rake it under or areate over it. it should work well for spring grass. i might ad that i deal w fescue mostly so this is what im talkin about.later
    ps forgot to add put in straw where u can.
  3. HOMER

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    I just aerated and put down some fescue here in south Alabama.......hope it ain't too late! Can't wait to see what "fescue" looks like. Put rye out on my 1.5 acres and fescue in one flat section for experimental purposes. Time will tell.

    Now, if I only had some bluegrass seed!:cry:
  4. Craig Turf Management

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    The aeration will probably help the moss situation. You may be able to sell this service to this client twice per year if moss continues to be a problem(soil will drain better if not so compacted). I think you will have decent results overseeding this time of year. I have been aerating, overseeding at half the desired rate of seed, lightly aerating again, then putting down the other half of the seed and fertilizing. I get really good results using this method, especially on lawns where I've had trouble getting turf established. By aerating over the seed, I push quite a bit of the seed into the ground. That seed to soil contact produces a noticeable difference in germ. rate.
    Don't forget to mulch and water. The biggest drawback to overseeding this time of year(besides lower soil temperatures),is LEAVES. Keep the leaves off of the seedbed!
    Hope this helps. Take care, Bill!
  5. lawnboy82

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    Did you perform a soil test yet, or are there environmental factors that are creating this problem for her? Shade / compaction... etc
  6. Craig Turf Management

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    I've gotten great results reducing moss by aerating the area really well. What will a soil test let you know regarding moss growth?
    Thanks, Bill!
  7. pops the dog

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    No, I have not performed a soil test yet. My assumption was to aerate this area well, take the plugs down to the Lesco center and wait to get the results back. In the mean time I wasn't sure if I seeded this area what the results would be. I have some left over Lesco transition blend, I thought I might just put it out and then throw some starter fert. on it and then power rake it in. The area is slightly shaded, but nothing that would cause the grass to die out like it has. I appreciate the input from the members.


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