Too Late To Aerate ???

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by White Gardens, Nov 25, 2009.

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    Generally the knock on spring aerating is that it invites crabgrass problems. However, in the course of putting a lawn back together after a big project it is probably a good idea as it will stimulate growth. Topdressing will help too. The mix should be chosen with the existing soil in mind and should contain some compost.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm still working on the design now and he wants to start in spring. I can understand the crabgrass problem. My idea was to stimulate growth, and it would be a waste of money to aerate this year, just to tear half the lawn up for new beds. Thanks again!
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    The house was built in the early 80's I do beleive, but I still call it a newer construction as it is a subdivision that you would find anywhere now. What I mean is they stripped the dirt, built the house, highly compacted, and was probably used as a parking lot during the construction.

    No irrigation.

    I'm not going to throw down fert just because I think it needs it. He's had the lawn fertilized every year on a schedule and if that is the case then it should look good now by that rational.

    I'm going out on a limb, but I'm guessing the PH values are off thus affecting the Cation Exchange and binding the phosphorus in the soil and not letting the turf utilize it.

    So ultimately it would probably be a wasted application.
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    12,000 sq ft aeration 168.00 $ Thats what I charge . We deal with larger yards mostly our average yard is 12,000.

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