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Too Late To Apply Winterizer?


LawnSite Member

It's December 4th, and here in south metro-Atlanta, Georgia, the temperatures have been steadily in the 50s. My bermudagrass lawn has almost completely gone dormant and is mostly yellow.

Is it too late to apply winterizer? My lawn, now pretty much dormant, may not gain any immediate benefits, but, will winterizing help with getting greener and healthier lawn in the spring?

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LawnSite Senior Member
Yes you can apply a 0-0-20 something with no N. To late for pre-emergent weed control.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Georgia Z7
If you have not applied any pre-emergent at all, it is actually not too late. We have weeds that germinate throughout Winter. Some weeds will have already germinated, but some control is better than none.

Pre-emergent should be something like 0-0-8 or 0-0-20. Also, this is a good time of year to apply lime if necessary.