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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jwilson32, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. Pugsly

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    yep....thank god we got some people to tell us scrubs how to run a business!!!

    what exactly is a scrub? Someone who is just starting out? what about the guy mowing alone, heck he MUST be a scrub? How about the people like me that do this on the side? I most defiantley am a scrub:) :)

    It sounds like you don''t like competition. Anyone mowing in your turf is definatly a scrub, right? All our old customers must be scrub lovers than too, huh?
  2. turfman59

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    Your profile says you been in the business for 10 years and you are twenty five, but you said you are just getting started in the biz ? ( profile again ) Which one is it ? or are the scrubs just the 15 year old kids mowing there old grannys lawn LOL
  3. rodfather

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    I like what jimlewis and the others have to say.

    But frankly, I wouldn't waste my time. There's too many of them, they'll always be there and I have much better things to making money.

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    I had a few fliers from what I consider scrubish guys. The only difference is that they stated that most lawns in my area were going for 30 dollars, most of the local companies are only charging 17-25 dollars. These guys even stated on their flyer that you must have an electrical outlet for their edgers and trimmers. So in my neighborhood the scrubs are raising the bar.

    P.S. they have picked up at least three new yards from the flyers.

    I personaly work on commercial so they are not of direct concern to me.
  5. hoyboy

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    I can just picture all the big retailers sitting around on the internet (or whatever) a while back saying: "hey, you know that scrub Sam Walton? Why, he's chargin' way too little money. Wha don't he become a perfeshunal and start chargin' mo money?"

    Food for thought.

    Dan Norton
  6. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Bullseye from jimlewis and Gravelyman.

    We don't have to go searching for the "scrubs", but if paths happen to cross why not educate in a humanistic way instead of going off on them, flasing dirty looks, or looking the other way. I don't see a downside to it. Everyone wins if the information is taken to heart.

    One of the so-called scrubs might get serious and become more professional in the future. Then, you've got a colleague and maybe gained a friend which is never a bad thing.
  7. bastalker

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    I saw a girl in my area, at the local gas station, that has a small Toyota truck, and carries around a john Deere garden tractor with a couple of ramps.a weed whacker, and a hand held blower. Had a couple of signs on the side.

    I pulled in with my equipment, and walked over introduced myself, and asked how's biz? She stated pretty good, and that she was a single mom trying to feed her kids. Trying to stay off welfare.

    I gave her a card and told her if she needed any help give me a call..

    Is she a scrub? No, just an honest person trying to feed her kids. God Bless her....There is plenty of room for all of us.

    Sure there are people who moonlight trying to make extra money.In todays economy of two income families we have to for the most part.

    I would like to know how many in this forum started out with a huge trailer, a couple of ZTR's, couple walk behinds, and a crew, and a brand new truck to pull it all with...Probably not to many.

    I guess we are all scrubs till we grow and learn the biz. Hearing that term over and over is gettin old. The people who charge $10 a yard will learn, and so will their customers. They will either learn an grow, or go under.

    I will help them out if i can, just like I was helped out. Like I said there is plenty of room for all of us;) :D :drinkup:
  8. LWNMWR1

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    i work in a county with only about 12000 people and there are folks all over that mow lawns. there are a few of us with upscale commercial setups. i feel that the others are necessary to increase my business. people always call or stop and ask about our businesscause they were either burned by someone or are looking for reputable companies.
  9. jwilson32

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    Some of yall are taking my question way to seriously. Sorry if I offended anyone i didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings. First thing i never called anyone a scrub. Im a 2 man operation. Not very big. And to answer your question yes ive been mowing for 10 years, just went commercial the last year. Im not trying to get into anyones business either. I stated i would ask and if they said a low price i would simply say "man, i would charge more". Ive been in there shoes before. I think some of you should re-read my post and come with a more professional approach.

  10. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Narrowing the scope a little more, I say yes approaching the low priced guy is ethical, but in a constructive way as several have suggested.

    Also, mentioning your insurance coverage and licensing to perspective clients that are considering someone else is a good thing. I do it. It's part of the service you offer, and it bolsters your professional image.

    Even though this is my first year I have resigned myself to getting paid what I want to be paid for jobs. If somebody wants to walk away, that's fine I'll find another client. I am not going to worry about "the other LCO."

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