too much 2 cycle oil

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by yrdandgardenhandyman, Jul 8, 2005.

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    What will happen, besides smoking, if a person adds 3 1/2 oz of 2 cycle oil to a gallon and another dummy (me) comes along and adds another approximately 2 oz to the mix before he is stopped?
    Also, is there a tool that can be used to measure the proper mix? I know they make one for coolant for metal lathes but don't know if one is made for this purpose.
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    As I said in the other thread, it wont hurt anything too much. if you can, put the mix in a bigger can, and add a gallon of gas to dilute the mix some. Which would you rather have too little oil and a siezed up load of 2 stroke tools, or too much oil and some fouled sparkplugs? you know which I'd rather have.
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    Yep, I'd just dillute it with just under a gallon for 50:1. I don't know of any devise for checking the oil mix unless you could calibrate a Refractometer, as you say. Another way would be to get a hold of a Specific Gravity meter. Regular gas should be about .68sg. With 50:1 oil, it should be about .70.
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    "Specific Gravity meter. Regular gas should be about .68sg."

    Afraid not. They talked about that at the Stihl Update School a few years back. The Specific Gravity of gas changes for station to station from day day to day. Out of the pump the SG can be off .05 +/- and to make matters worse no too oil mixes will give the same off set. One 50:1 mix may be .70 and the next 50:1 mix may be .75 an the next .65. Stihl was talking about this because of the warranty problems they have will the wrong gas mix being used. The Stihl tech said they have to send a simple to a lab that has to burn a simple in a MGS (Mass Gas Spectrometer) to get a reading and it cost too much to do often.
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    LOL... Geez! I said about.

    If you want real numbers as Fixer suggests, then test and log your stock each time you refuel. Test and log your mixed fuel. You may need the log when you go in for warranty repairs. It seems Stihl will do anything to keep from paying on warranties.

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