Too much compeition in your area?


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Vancouver, BC
How many of you guys out there have too much competition in your area?

Last week in our local newspaper ad there was approx under 5 ads for landscaping/lawn care.. I just looked into the newspaper today and BOOM, there pops up 13 new ads for lawn care / landscaping.. Only 2 ads are 1" in boxed shapes, the rest are 3 liner ads..

I'm beginning to wonder, I should start posting my ad again shortly but I'll be doing it 1" for 6 months..


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Tons a competition!!! Ya jus gotta be better than the rest...It jus seems to fall into place after that....


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Over 200 licensed in my county alone! About another 100 or so without license.


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Heck durring the winter we have at least 15 a week. durring the summer we have roughly 50 under gardening and they all say " Will mow yards and do odd jobs."

I put one under there last july that said " When you had the rest , please call cause I will be there with bill in hand."

Funny thing I put it in for a joke to one of the other LCO's, saying I could land at least one job from it (bet the price of the add). Heck I landed over 20 new jobs from it the first week and ran it again for three more weeks. after the second week I was begging the paper to take it out and keep the money.
Goes to show you a simple joke will land your A$$ with a ton of work.


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Atlanta, GA
I was just thinking today that the Florida heat and humidity here probably do a lot to limit competition from those who aren't really serious about it. It's sweaty enough here in February. And it's probably good for business too, since a lot of folks don't relish spending an hour or two out in that heat and humidity on their own lawns.

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