Too much competition in Florida and Georgia?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MetroLawn, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. MetroLawn

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    Do you guys in Georgia and Florida feel that its too much competition? My company is located in Metro Atlanta. A customer told me after I gave her a quote, that my 40.00$ too much and she could get it done at 20.00$. If the
    guy does a crappy job, and she calls me back I'm telling her I'm booked for the rest of the season.
  2. MTR

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    Competition is good but at the same time makes you cry. We have thousands of partimers, cutting like 10 lawns or somewhere between that but this is their secondary supplementary income for them, so they can compete with cheap rate that you will cry....$15 a pop mow blow and go on 300k home. You have to really keep your quality at tip-top, cause those pople don't keep quality very long. Throwing in more special like weed-control, etc, etc would help you a lot.
    Anyway, nothing new for price like you described. Time changed but lawn service rate is at WWII price. Trying to hike your rate you will be loosing to people who underbid you like $20 below a pop.
  3. Scottscape

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    There are lots of people out there that will mow for $20 because of lots of different variables such as them being unlicensed, uninsured, dont know the cost of business, ect. Then there are those customers that tell you $20 to negotiate your price lower than $40. Dont negotiate and keep your price firm and just move onto the next person, as you said she will give you a call back when she realizes when you pay $20 you get what you pay for and thats poor quality.
  4. H2OandNcutter

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    Hey Guys,

    I am amazed at the number of mowers being towed around this metro area. Often it is a top of the line, late model, 4WD, crew cab, diesel, pretty darn expensive pick-up with one occupant driving. What is see behind is not at all new or quality equipment being drug around in a barely rolling excuse for a trailer. Almost as if the guy convinced his wife he needed this really nice truck in order to mow a few yards! You would think the investment dollars might be reversed with less spent on the truck and more spent on equipment.

    Seems like everyone is trying to be in this business. Why so many price so low and drive down the market price used to surprise me but no more - no business sense short timers.

    However... I do continue to be amazed by the customers who seem to be primarily price driven when they choose someone to provide our services. They seem to think that it is okay for their yard but most likely wouldn't do the same if the house itself was being worked on, or their late model car.

    I've suggested to people they consider the hourly charge to have someone come to their home and provide any other kind of services. I dare say it isn't $20 per hour.

    There are always some folks who don't really care that much about the exterior, and perhaps the interior, condition of their home. Those people aren't really the ones we can sell to very effectively because their priorities are in other areas.

    And, don't even get me started on the illegal alien's effect on our whole industry. That one has already been around and around on LawnSite.

    Hopefully the customers will come around when they see quality service, delivered as advertised, by competent articulate English speaking professionals who are in it for the long haul, using quality materials and equipment, and utilizing ethical business practices. Then maybe they will be less focused on price alone!

  5. kmann

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    Guy comes around one sub- division I work. drives a Pontiac Sunbird, a Trailer that looks like a shopping cart, an old Craftsman ride-on and some equipment that looks like it came from the dump. The Bluehairs and cheapskates love him. He can't possibly make any money. Takes forever to mow one lawn, cant be doing one than three or four a day.
  6. kmann

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    Down here they won't call you back. They WILL FIND someone to do it at their price! That is how it is. They DO NOT care about quality. You just have to find the right customers at your price and keep em' happy.

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