Too much emphasis on the number of accounts?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by georgialawn88, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. wbw

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    And yes it is profit that matters. Here is the real question.
    Do you want to make 60% of $100,000 or 15% of 3,000,000?
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  2. georgialawn88

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    very good point. that's why I made this thread I wanna see what others opinions are. good point sir
  3. Patriot Services

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    Chem costs are what kill us pool guys.
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    I bought a house with a pool a few yrs back, had a pool guy come over and show me the ropes, now I take care of the pool on my own, pool guy said he would take care of the pool for 250 a month, seemed a lil high to me, what are u pool guys here charging for pool maintenance per month ?
  5. wbw

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    It varies wildly from one area to the next. Around here 150-160 a month.
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  6. Efficiency

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    a higher client count makes one much more important on online forums. Its like the guy with the tallest truck on friday night in walmart's parking lot - he is obviously the coolest guy there.
  7. Patriot Services

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    Same here. That's for a pool with an auto vac. I see some guys advertising for 60-75 a month. That's the pool service version of a scrub. There's a lot more to it than throwing in a couple of chlorine pucks and a dip net.
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  8. exmarkking

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    You could bring in a million a year, but if it took you 999,000 to make that 1 million, your broke. I don't think it's the number of accounts. I think it's more about how much you make off each account. I see guys all the time around me, talk about they have 50-60 maintenance accounts but they have payments on their 50,000 truck, mower payments etc. then you have the guy with 30 accounts, everything is paid for and be is the only one doing the work, he is making more money. I think the trick is to grow slowly, pay cash for equipment as you need it, and you have to know your cost so that you can make a certain profit off each account. you would be in better shape to profit 100 dollars off 100 accounts per month verse 1 dollar off 1000 accounts per month. I may not have said that right but you get the point. You can't measure success by number of accounts. And anyways, everyone measures success differently. One person might be successful by living in a cardboard box and eating everyday while someone else may see success as living in a 6000 sqft home with a zo6 sitting in the garage working only two days a week. You have to figure out what type of lifestyle you want to live and find ways to make the money to support it. To hell with everyone else and how many accounts they have.
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  9. Mark Oomkes

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    Or the guy with the highest post count. :drinkup:
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    I think this post is a eye opener. I would want the 15% of 3mil. Why? Its sustainable without myself in the field daily. It would have staff so everything gets done if I'm gone for a week. You become a manager compared to the worker.

    The 60% of $100k is a solo set up, maybe with a trim boy. The 15% of 3mil is a biz.

    if the solo guy paid himself a wage of $40k a year. The profit is 20%. Take the biz out of his house and to small shop the profit would be lower then the 3 mil company.
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