Too much fescue seed?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ricsin1, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. ricsin1

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    I'm in the middle of seeding 2400 Sq feet back yard..

    My first aeration & over-seeding was Sept 29th - used a whole 25lb Lesco Transition Blend... ( approx 8lbs seed per 1000 sq ft ).

    As of today's date Oct 13 the lawn just looks "OK" - maybe I didn't get good seed coverage in all areas - and let me not start on these freaking birds who just seems to know whats under all that fresh wheat straw!!

    About 75-80% came up - i have 2 sections that didn't come up but there was grass there BEFORE I rounded up the lawn & over-seeding so I know grass CAN grow in these sections. Plus in some bare section I got grass growing ONLY IN the holes made by the core aerator...

    I'm thinking about doing ANOTHER 25lb bag of seed - just to fill in every space of dirt I can see!!!! that would mean i got about 16 lbs of seed down per 1000 sq feet.


    I used Lesco starter fertilizer back on Sept 28th - can I get away adding some more but this time just at HALF THE RECOMMENDED APPLICATION RATE?

    What do you think about my plans?
  2. dKoester

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    5-6 lbs. per 1000s.f. is best. remember 1 grass plant can grow and fill in to 3-5 inches over time if grown correctly. too much seed is alot of competition and restricts airflow. This will be very bad in the summer because it will help promote fungus which will eat your lawn. I would spot seed the places that need seed but not too heavy. let your lawn grow some and thicken up. The bare areas will come in. As for fertilizer, test your soil and see axactly what you need.
  3. jbell36

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    what he said, i've always heard too much seed = too much competition...there's a lot of variables though
  4. tobylou8

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    What they said. No more seed now.
  5. Oasis360

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    It sounds to me like there is an issue with soil contact with the seeds you planted. This would explain why the soil in the plug holes germinated seed. The straw is a good idea if you irrigate often. You might try adding a nice 3way soil blend at half inch in problem areas over the seed for improving soil contact. Always use staw not hay which has seeds. Birds dont like large circular mirror balls from home improvement store, or statues of owls and hawks. Temporary sprinkler systems should be used for first 2 weeks.
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  6. Donqui

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    We seed at 7lbs / 1000sqft.

    After a month or so we "second seed" at 3.5 lbs / 1000sqft.

    I have a few questions re: seed only coming up in the holes;

    1. What is the soil type?
    2. How was it watered?
    3. Did you "scratch" the surface well?

    I find that when seed germinates and grows only in plug holes it is generally due to a dry soil dominated by clay, that isn't watered well following seeding.

    I would re-seed about 4 weeks after the first application. Start by watering until you see puddling. Then use a star rake to break up the soil, in bare areas, so that it looks like cottage cheese (Star rakes/ Weasels break up the soil well without uprooting existing grass...too badly). This should prep the soil nicely for your second seeding. I would apply as stated above about 3-4 lbs / 1000sqft, while going heavier on bare areas. Water once a day for 10-14 days just until puddling begins after seeding.

    Hope that helps.

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