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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Dig-it Landscaping, Jan 17, 2006.

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    I have a 2004 kubota diesel 4x4 37.something HP it has a woods loader. i am becoming a salt dealer and need to move pallets of bags that are 2500lbs. I know i have lifted 1500+ lbs. i have forks for the 3 pt hitch that i put a skid of pavers on as a counter weight while doing alot of lifting. i just want to know if it will work before i buy pallet forks for the loader. i am sure it will lift them off the ground because the hydros are very strong but i need to load customers trucks and trailers and unload the delivery semi. The question i have is if anyone else has lifted (on level gravel surface) a whole pallet about 2500 lbs. with one of these and how they manage?
    With the new truck, becoming a salt dealer, and looking to move out i cant afford the skid steer i would love to have. a used tow motor will slide everywhere on the gravel drive with snow and ice, and would have to be sold after i get a skidsteer.
    Thank you for any help or suggestions.
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    Colin look for a forklift. You can get different outfoor tires I beleave. Willams trucking uses a forklift on their gravel as long as it is flat real falt no up or down hill you shouldnt have a problem I will ask them how they do in the snow. I wonder with counter weight if my 763 will unload them if not my neighbor has a forklift I will ask to barrow payup
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    2500 lbs. will be way too heavy for bucket forks on that machine. When you use bucket forks your capacity is lower than carrying material in the loader because the load is further out in front. Your capacity with bucket forks will be maybe half that much. I'd go for a large skid steer or a forklift.
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    What type of Kubota do you have? Is it a Grand L series? Is it a L3130, L3430, L3830? If you have one of these machines with the Kubota LA723 loader, it is rated as: Maximum Lift Height 102.4 inches
    Lift Capacity (500mm forward) 1400lbs.----which is at the tip of the bucket.
    Lift Capacity(Pivot Pin) 1870 Lbs. which is at the pins where the bucket attaches to the loader frame.
    Lift capacity(Bucket Center) 1587 Lbs. All three lift capacity's are rated at the Maximum Height for the loader.

    Lift capacity(Bucket Pivot Pin, 1500mm height) is 2317 lbs..

    Lift Capacity(500mm forward, 1500mm height is 1852 lbs..

    If you have the LA513 loader, the capacity is less. If you have a L4330, L4630 or L5030 and the LA853, you are going to be able to lift about 400 Lbs plus in all operating ranges.

    Remember, when you use forks, they usually weigh somewhat less than your bucket, so you will gain some weight handling capacity when using them. But....the further the load sits out on the forks, the less lift capacity you will have.
    I have a L3130 with the LA723 loader with QA and it will handle some fairly impressive loads for a machine this size. I have moved 2000 Lb. rocks with it, but you have to be VERY careful when doing this as the rear end gets very light even with loaded tires and a 575lb. box scrape on the 3 point hitch. Plus, you don't want to lift them any higher than you have to when moving something this heavy, with a machine this size. The machine weighs in at approx. 6000lbs. with loader & bucket (with tooth bar), loaded tires and 72" box scrape.
    Always use your ROPS and seatbelt when using the loader. :)

    My opinion, if I were going to be moving pallets weighing over 1200 to 1500 Lbs. would be to get a large skid steer loader. Or a tracked skid steer which will handle VERY heavy loads for a machine their size. Of course, the are VERY expensive, so a wheeled skid steer might fit in better if it were me.

    Good luck,
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    That tractor won't get 2500 pounds not even 3 feet off the ground. We have an L3410 and lifting 1000 pounds 3 1/2 feet off the ground is crazy scary. Plus, the axle bearings will eventually break down and the cylinders and hydro system could fail with that kind of weight up in the air, very dangerous to "counterweight" a machine that was not designed to handle the load. Buy a forklift.

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