Too much overhead??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lennonpaul, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. lennonpaul

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    yes indeed my f150 is maxed out, skidsteer weighs 4500lbs
    plus that heavy trailer puts it around 6500 lb load close the the gvwr
  2. steveair

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    I think, as someone may have mentioned, you are always going to have a substantial amount of equipment as a sole propietor.

    As everyone has mentioned, you really need to decide what your focus will be......its seems like you are mainly doing maintenance but also toying around with construction.

    As a sole propietor, its kind of either one or the other.

    I will have to say, the skidsteer seems a little, bit over board, but who am I to speak considering I have a 15k dingo and am by myself also.

  3. If he used the skid steer 2 times a month he will pay for it.

    1 day rental is $200.
  4. SprinklerGuy

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    Isn't the idea to make money with the equipment? Is it worth the pain in the ass to drag the trailer around with you to "just pay for it?". I say no......we sub it out or use a rental delivery service........if we ever start using equip. on more of a daily basis, then I'll buy, until then, let someone else depreciate the equipment and fix it and drag it and insure it and protect it from thieves, I could go on and on. Just my 2ยข
  5. summitgroundskeeping

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    It's hard to say b/c I don't know what your applications call for or how many people work w/you. But I would say get rid of the roybi's, one of the F-150s, that 46", that 33", and that tiny 5X12 trailer and replace them w/ good stuff.
    At least a 3/4 ton
    a comm. 21"
    a echo or hus.varna. trimmer
    a full sizes 14' or 16' trailer
    and if you can swing it a 36" w/b
    But it sounds like if you think you have too much over head, and since I think u got a lot of crap that couldn't do much for u, I would say yes, your over head is going to crush u.
  6. Randy Scott

    Randy Scott LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Aside from the skidsteer, that's probably the most expensive piece of equipment you have, I would think most, if not all, of that stuff should be payed for after two years of being in business.
  7. lennonpaul

    lennonpaul LawnSite Member
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    actually 1 ryobi was bought and i was missing a piece on it that i couldnt order, so i bought another one on clearence, they r great brushcutters, and i use the echo for weed wacking. THe 46" is a tractor lawmower that i use for pulling aerating and mulcing and bagging leaves excellent tool. The 33" troy built is great for fence yards and i dont have many so why waist the money on an expensive 36"WB when mine is fast enough and my f150 has a 351 engine and a 1ton suspension which is better then most 3/4 trucks out their now so i wouldnt say i have crap, really the only thing in question would be the skidsteer but im sure i'll be using that more in the spring

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