Too much rain to grade backyard

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by cross1933, Aug 24, 2007.

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    On Aug.11 I sprayed the backyard with Rundup, on Aug 18 I sprayed the areas that I missed. Since Aug.18th(Saturday) it has rained every day except one. These rains have been large down pours each time, I estimate we had over 6" of rain this week. I do know that this months rainfall is one of the largest in history. There is several areas of flooding, I live about 45 minutes southwest of Chicago. The weather report calls for more thunderstorms this afternoon.:nono:
    I had hoped to get some black dirt today to start the grading process, this will be delayed until the beginning of next week at the earliest.
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  3. cross1933

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    We had 5 inches from two storms one evening. The rivers are still over the banks here. The next predicted rain is Wednesday!:cry:

    I was able to get into the yard yesterday and roto till and move some dirt around. I hope to get my first load of dirt today.
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    The first load of dirt is to be delivered today!:)

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