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    I live in Maui Hawaii and, my problem is employee's or lack of I should say.As nice as I am to them(not overly nice)I can't seem to keep or even get good workers.I've got the work,I just can't seem to get it done at a reasonable:time,cost or end result.I started my business 8 months ago with 3 customers.Today I've got 46 plus landscape jobs.Sorry I forgot to tell you this is primarily a lawn maintenance company.Just as I get big enough to expand I find it almost impossable to do so . Somebody out in computer land help me out with the answers:confused: ::confused: :confused:
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    hows it going?

    It's an old post, but I'm a new member...

    Here in Hawaii a lot of the problem has to do with the younger folks working in the resorts and restaurants. Everyone hears of the waiters/waitresses making 100k in a year. So what is typically a "young mans job" has some stiff competition with higher paying lower hour restaurant jobs.

    If you need help with some jobs, I'm available, but I'm in Lahaina. Email me, and we'll talk.

    Here's what we did before and it worked awesome. When you're looking for help, try and get a retiree. There's a lot of them on Maui and some can be more reliable.
    We had a guy work for us who was a retired CIA agent. He had some great stories to share as we spread mulch....


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    one thing you can do is put a help wanted add in the classified section of your local newspaper. always pay your help good. if you don't pay good they wont work good. trust me when it is 80-100 degrees outside your workers will quit quick if you pay them the same as some bs minimum wage mcdonalds job. i start most of the people that work for me out at $8 per hour and then go from there baised on work ethic and skill level.
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    oh yeah and one more thing to ad to that is don't get lazy. if you can do the work yourself, then do it yourself, this means more money for you.
    Also, take a few days off here and there! you will feel much better the next day and not so tired
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    If you are looking for a mechanic with 10+ yrs landscape exp. I am a fleet manager who is looking for a warmer climate. I run my own budget at current job have computer exp. and supervise 4-6 other mechanics. And are willing to help relocate his family, pay enough to live there I would love to hear from you.

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