Too soon for a mulch kit?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FERT-TEK, May 7, 2004.


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    Are any of you using your mulch kits in the Midwest yet?I bought one for my new Toro Z-500 and havn't put it on yet. I was waiting for the spring growth to slow down a little before putting it on. About when do you guys anticipate putting yours on in the Chicago area?

    Also if any of you have suggestions for blade combinations when running doubles for that set-up, that would be great.
  2. mexiking

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    its never too late early :)
  3. Tonyr

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    Hi Dave,

    Hows your new red rig goin'?

    I have a Z588E, awesome!

    Have to used your mulch kit yet?

    In my area the Atomic blades work great on bermuda.
    The recycle blades are good too, better for heavier mowing I think.

    Never heard anyone here say they have tried placing a Toro recycle blade underneath an atomic as a double combo....a bit less lift than high lifts on the bottom, might be a great set up! Down here on the other side of the pond cutting short warm weather grasses we don't need doubles.....

    However I am going to try bi level blades from Stens, John G uses and recommends them....

    BTW, let me know your best technique and how long it takes you to fit your mulch kit, I'm very slow at it, actually trying not to use it...


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