Too steep for a Z ?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by LR3 Guy, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Yeah that will be no prob for a Z at all
  3. LR3 Guy

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    I'm 51 . Threw some inheritance into the purchase ..... thanks to my Mom .
  4. DKJLawnCare

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    Nice house BTW about $650K more than mine..HAHA
  5. LR3 Guy

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    That rig shifts on a field :dizzy:

    That place is 200miles south and has the very same terrain/weather.
    Slightly hilly , cattle , dairy , avocados , bananas ...........

    Tech. question :

    Why is the blade tip speed on a Z 18000rpm ' ish , while it's
    around 15000 ' ish on many tractors ?
  6. Mickhippy

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    Where abouts are you? Im on the Gold Coast.

    A ztr will be able to cut that ok but I dont know why these guys are saying go up and down. Across is much safer and less taxing on the hydros. Get some training from whom ever you buy it from. Get them to show you on the steepest areas.
    Where are you buying the machine. The Hustler importer is in Brisbane, there called Hewlett Equipment.
    I would probably look at the bigger machines though. 60" deck and that least the 27hp engine. There probably around the $17000. The 31/60 super z should be around the $18500. The thing about the bigger machines is that you can put 24x12x12 tires on them meaning you can put Carlisle AT101 on.(look them up)
    Toro has the new G3 I think its called. 34hp and does hills very well from what Ive been told. About $18500 also.

    Something else to think about would be a small tractor with a belly mower. Throw a front end loader on there for doing mulch, lite digging, dragging stuff around etc.
  7. LR3 Guy

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    I'm 4km down from the Mapleton Range 4560
    For a bigger size I have been looking at EverRide Warrior 60"/27Kaw
    They get rave reviews , but then I can't dispute stuff that I don't
    really have a view ( read ; understanding ! ) about :confused:
  8. flatlander42

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    Sounds like you need to get out there and begin Testing out the mowers that are available! Now remember.....each sales person will tell you that theirs is the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!! That is where the testing and studying comes in handy, just take your time and make a Educated Decision. SWEEEEEEET place ya got there!

  9. grassman177

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    we own 4 everrides, they are great machines, but not as good on hills as others as they are light in the rear. just a thought for you. a 60" is the way to go with the amount of area and will do better on slopes being wider
  10. Mickhippy

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    The guy I know who owns the new Toro has an Everride as well.
    He loved the Everride until he got the Toro.
    Trouble with Everride is that the company seems to get sold off every now and then. I think its been owned buy 3 or 4 different companies in the last 5 years or so. Something like that anyway so basically, I wouldnt trust them to be around forever like other some other companies.
    Dont get me wrong, I think Everrides are good machines but there are alot of good machines out there now.

    Like Masternate said, best to get a few different machines out there to see what suits best.
    Make sure you have some longish grass to cut as well because there will be times when you cant mow for weeks sometimes, and cutting long grass on a slope is a real pita for you and the machine.

    What brands are up your way? You will probably need good support later on also so take the dealer into consideration.

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