Too tall for my walk behind.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mike Blevins, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Mike Blevins

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    I looked into some of the past posts and couldn't find anything on this subject so I turn to the Lawnsite Gods for an answer. My problem is this, I just purchased a 36" Scag hydro walk-behind. I am 6'4" tall and I have to bend over to use it. Well after I mowed a few yards with it I realized that it is going to be FOR SALE!! Just wanted to ask the Quick 36 owners and Gary if your out there is the Quick's handle bars adjustable? Can a tall person run your walk-behinds comfortablely? :usflag:
  2. ed2hess

    ed2hess LawnSite Fanatic
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    Our 2 older Snapper Hydro 36" are adjustable and since the controls bars are on the top that might be better for you.......these are pretty solid machines....when you change height on hydro you do have to tinker with getting the hydro adjustments back in balance.
  3. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    I'm not sure about the new trimstar series; but, old(discontinued in 06) hustler hydro wb's are completely adjustable. Infact, there was more travel than I needed. You should check out Tanaka's extended length trimmers, too. They are a back saver for us tall guys... and they allow us to use our longer arms for a productivity increase.
  4. SproulsLawnCare

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    from IN
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    I hope that JD's are adjustable for height. I haven't tried one yet, but I will have the same problem with them if they aren't.
  5. GreenT

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    They come with adjustable handles (2 positions) but considering your "altitude", you may have to try one first to make sure it works for you.

    Good luck
  6. MarcSmith

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    a lot of WB are adjustable to a point. but I found that when set up for walking, once you put a Velky on need to readjust as you are now a few inches taller.
  7. GreenT

    GreenT LawnSite Fanatic
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    Good point. I forgot about that.
  8. MarcSmith

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    The Scag are about the worts, since they just have the pistol grips, you can't just rest your hand on the control like you can with the non-pistol grips types...

    I really wish thats one thing scag would change......
  9. ed2hess

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    Most of the units are too tall for the workers from the south....main reason the pistol Scag is desireable.
  10. brucec

    brucec LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm 6'3" and I have no problems with my quick 44. They have 2 positions for the handle, and the hydro control has a little bit of adjustment for taller people moved my bars to the highest position and moved the hydro handle to my liking, now I'm good to go. Hope this helps! Good luck.

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