took out 7 spray tanks today

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. americanlawn

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    Today we took out all but one of our spray rigs. We pumped all leftover "weed & feed" (lawn juice) from the our pickup units into our tanker truck. My pickup will keep it's split tank in for 3 or 4 more weeks so it can spray new accounts, lawns that come off credit hold, as well as tree/shrub root feeding & dormant oil sprays. I'll fill from the tanker truck so the leftover lawn juice does not go to waste.

    We winterized them too.......triple rinsed 'em, blew out the lines, and labeled tanks, tank frames, and hose reels/pumps.

    We'll soon do the same to the tanker, Z-two & PG Ultras, but with these units, we also run RV antifreeze into them.

    So tomorrow, we'll start running two aeration crews (2 guys each), as well as starting our final lawn application (round five....winterizer) using LESCO's 34-3-11 at 4 pounds per 1000. Hope to finish the season by November 24. Then we'll put on snow plows.

    Anybody else starting your final lawn app soon? Thanks:usflag:
  2. Forever Green Lawn

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    Yep, we started today. How do you like the lesco Z-2 sprayer?
  3. RigglePLC

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    I will continue round 5 with weed control until I finish sometime this week, if not too much rain. Then do a few round 6 treatments. Then remove tanks and put anti-freeze in Permagreen.
  4. teeca

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    this years been feast or fathem... spring started out nice, then freezing spell for 2 weeks, got behind, dry hot summer, messed things up and got way ahead, fall (september) finely started getting rain so i could start aerations, then 80-90's in october, messed up timing for fall apps, now temp is going down, been doing final round last week and and today, now rain comming tomarrow and thursday. about the only thing i've got going good, is the fact the trees are having a hard time dropping leaves, which means that my deep root feedings won't fall behind (yet). what a freek'n year for lawn care. antbody else feel a not so welcome trend comming? last 5yrs have been great and then this hits. lawn diease out the a$$, if this weather continues, thinkg of selling ALL the customers a fall re-seed in stead of multple fungicide apps. those fungicide apps break the bank, though the numbers look great! hard to get a sale on a not for sure thing, that cost so much.
  5. indyturf

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    I have another week of round 5, and another full day of aeration to finish up. then start round 6 winterizer. I should be done by the 2nd week of December!
  6. MStine315

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    Round 4's the rest of this week and next (weed ctrl., fert). Then Round 5's (dormant feed) until November 15th plus or minus. Aerations mixed in on rain/wind days. Snow mold app on golf courses around Thanksgiving.
  7. FdLLawnMan

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    I am in the same boat as MStine. I have another week of weed control and then I will start my dormant feeding. I get in some aeration and shrub pruning when it is to windy or wet to spray. I want to be done sometime the second week of November but it depends on the weather. My problem is I have 3 large business accounts five residential's that I mow. They are still being mowed once a week so that takes a day out of the week and since I am still solo guess who ends up doing those.

    Mike I
    Mike's Total Lawn Care
  8. americanlawn

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    I don't really like it much, but it sure kills weeds. It's actually faster to spray out of a hose. The Z-two is somewhat cumbersome to steer, and it doesn't spray out completely on slopes when the tank. If the new "______" sprayer/spreader pans out, our Z-two might appear on ebay. We'll see.:waving:
  9. americanlawn

    americanlawn LawnSite Fanatic
    from midwest
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    We finished up all remaining liquid weed & feeds today. Two aeration crews did a couple dozen jobs today (including several half acre lawns). Will start tree/shrub root feedings tomorrow while the soil is soft. Also starting our winterizer tomorrow. In two weeks, we'll have eight trucks running winterizer app's. Hope the weather holds 'til the end of November.

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