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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BASIC, May 5, 2003.

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    Hi guys,I'm just getting started in the lawn care buisness and need some suggestions please about what tools(and manufactures)to have on hand for routine maintenance of equipment,we have a SCAG Tiger Cub?Would an air compressor be a good investment,if so which one?What tools do you keep on the truck?We'd also like a power washer both for use on the equipment but also as a possible other aspect of our buisness to do decks,houses,etc,any ideas?Thankyou all again for any help you may give us.BASIC.
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    air compressor is great to have. also try doing a search, maybe for like "what do you carry on truck/trailer" i know there is this huge thread out there that talks about whate veryone carries in there trucks, tool boxes, and trailers. it will tell you what everyone has for repairs and maintenance. best of luck.
  3. sdwally

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    For mechanics tools, a CPL tool box. Sockets and wrenches are all locked into to place when the lid is closed. CPL offers a good range of box sizes to fit your needs.

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    Go to sears and get one of those inexpensive kits they usually have on sale for like $50 or $60 that comes with a basic set of sockets and wreches.. Youll need some allen wrench s too and dont forget a grease gun with a flexible nozzle.. A compressor is not a necsity but very nice to have If you can afford it.. Most blade bolts and nuts are 15/16" ( at least the machine s I have ) So I would get two 1/2" breaker bars or one bar and a long handled ratchet and two sockets to change blades with, a nice long handled scraper, and for the most part you are set..... Theres plenty of other things youll need but youll find out what works best for you as time goes on.. Good luck...
  5. GTLC

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    Well I can say that if you are servicing your own equipment and vehicles Craftsman is probably the way to go. They usually last long and anyway they all have a lifetime guarantee so if they break you go to the store and get a free replacement.

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